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Portugal Residency Program

Portugal Residency Program Leading to Citizenship

Get Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal is admired for stunning landscapes and glorious weather. Notably, with the one-of-a-kind, culture, the nation is much something beyond that. Further, the cost of living is a lot lower than in numerous different parts of the world. Likewise, this guarantees that you can appreciate an exclusive living. Portugal is a well-known hotspot for tourists due to its fascinating scenery, welcoming inhabitants, and blistering summers. Moreover, the nation is tremendously famous for its casual pace of life. Indeed, this is a remarkable nation and has routinely been recorded as one of the most joyful spots for ex-pats.

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Portugal’s residency program is known as the Portugal Golden Visa. Namely, the program is initiated in 2012 with the goal to lure outside investment to Portugal. Furthermore, the program offers financially stable individuals from different nations around the world, who might want to migrate to a European nation. This carries various advantages like getting an opportunity to live in a beautiful nation and business opportunities for growth. Besides, the Portugal Golden Visa Program utilizes a straightforward and quick procedure. Similarly, this simple pathway combined with other perks like citizenship following 6 years of residency, makes Portugal’s Golden Visa extremely engaging.

Eligibility Criteria for Portugal Residency Program

Investor needs to invest in any existing business. Regarding this, he has the choice to set up a new business and create 10 full-time jobs for local Portuguese.

The acquisition of land property with a worth equivalent to or above €500,000 in Portugal.

The acquisition of land property worth a minimum of €350,000, with development which is 30 years old.

Investment in property worth €280,000 which is situated in low-density areas with low per capita income.

Capital exchange with a worth equivalent to or above €250,000 Euros for putting investment into research projects.

Portugal Residency Program

Processing Time

6 Months




Real Estate

Key Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa

An investor has the right to travel visa-free in the Schengen zone. In fact, after acquiring a passport, the passport holder can travel to over 125+ countries.

The entire family has the right to apply for a golden visa in a single application including the spouse, children, and dependent parents.

Investors can gain permanent residency after 5 years. Additionally, he is eligible to apply for citizenship after 6 years.

This program is worthy for investors looking for the opportunity to grab the best 2nd passport without relocation. Specifically, under this program, there is only a requirement to live in the nation for 7 days.

There is a range of investment choices available to investors. Secure your EU passport with an investment of your choice.

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