Portugal Golden Visa – How to Choose the Right Property to Invest in?

Golden Visa

If you are getting a Golden Visa, there are two major aspects in consideration. One is the Immigration aspect which means the investor is looking for an option to relocate. Similarly, the other aspect is an investment. Making an Investment in Real Estate has a clear objective of getting benefits in form of ROIs. Portugal is not only famous for its belongingness to everyone’s favorite, Cristiano Ronaldo but also world’s 5th strongest passport of the world.

As we all know, Portugal Golden Visa offers multiple investment options. Starting from EUR 280,000 to EUR 500,000, investors have many options. Basically, investors have an ideology that choosing a good property is the only challenge they will face. But what matters the most while choosing a property is, what is the purpose of investing. Your prime interest will help you and us to figure out what is the best option for you.

How you can identify your purpose of investing in the Real Estate of Portugal?

It is very important for an investor to first get in touch with an authorized immigration consultant. Having prior research on your interest does matter but it is the equal responsibility of the immigration consultant to guide you properly.

The possible aspects of investing in Real Estate should be as follows:

  • The investor needs to be sure if he/she investing in a property to relocate and live there.
  • If the investor is investing for rental income then there will be an impact on your choice.
  • Investing in commercial property will be having different pros & cons.

Similarly, it should be the prime concern that what is exactly the purpose of investment. Also, you always need to cross-check the options you are being shown by the consultant. It is important to create a balance & harmony in the immigration & investment aspects of getting a Portugal Golden Visa.

Why Portugal’s Golden Visa is the right choice among all European Residency Programs?

Being in Immigration Business for more than two decades, when we suggest our clients Portugal Golden Visa, we have solid reasons to support the statement. We deal in multiple European Residency Programs and undoubtedly, every program leads to citizenship eventually. But there is no defined time limit to get citizenship in most programs. Whereas, Portugal’s Golden Visa ensures you citizenship after 5 years of getting a golden visa.

Once you will get citizenship, you can:

Sell or rent out your property anytime you want to

Visa-free travel to 175+ countries

live in Portugal with Zero-Taxation

How much time does it take to get Golden Visa?

Many clients ask this question because they want to enjoy the perks of their Golden Visa as soon as possible. The approximate time duration is 8-12 months. If the client’s profile gets approval from the required authorities, you will get the residency in the given time. The investor must have a clear criminal history and must be in the best health conditions. Also, once all the authentic documentation is given, there’s no chance of delay than the time we promise.