Portuguese Golden Visa- Requirements, Benefits and Investment Options

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa – A major attraction for investors to ensure a better future for the family

Portugal Golden Visa Program is one of the popular investment programs all around the world. However, Holding the position of 6th strongest passport around the globe, stable economy, and multiple investment options make it a priority for investors. In addition, this program was initiated back in 2012 and to date, more than 22,000 applicants have attained the golden visa. Moreover, keeping the timeline in mind, the number of approved applicants is quite commendable. Similarly, the Portuguese Golden Visa is one of the most demanding investment programs among all EU citizenship and residency options for investors.

What attracts investors to gain a Portuguese Golden Visa?

We are listing below some benefits which grab the attention of investors to the Portuguese Golden Visa since this program came into existence.

  • Portuguese Golden Visa allows the applicants visa-free travel within the entire Schengen region without any hassle.
  • The stable economy assures the growth of new businesses. Also, It ensures the betterment of the applicant takes interest in pursuing an existing business.
  • Relief in taxation is one of the highlights to invest in the Portuguese Golden Visa. Applicants who attain the golden visa are able to take benefit of tax breaks for 10 years.
  • Opening an account in any reputed bank in Portugal has a very convenient process. It ensures the safety of the deposited amount.
  • The residency requirement is minimum. Applicants and dependents need to stay for just 7 days in the first year.  Two weeks’ stay is a must in the next two years. A total of 35 days is required to maintain the residency.
  • The region is a hub of highly reputed educational institutions. Portuguese Golden Visa gives you an edge to enroll your children in the best educational institutes anywhere in Europe.
  • The possibility to achieve permanent citizenship after 5 years of acquiring the golden visa is highest and the timeframe is shortest without any strict rules to follow.

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. An applicant needs to have an ID like a passport or National Identity document and two passport-sized photos to initiate the process.
  2. A certificate for character clearance with no criminal record and representing the applicant as a responsible citizen is also a requirement.
  3. The applicant requires to submit documents showing excellent physical and mental health conditions.
  4. For the Golden Visa, the applicant needs to have a strong net worth and stable business in the existing country.
  5. 35 days stay of the applicant along with dependents is a must once after getting the  Portuguese Golden Visa.

Investment Options

Firstly, the main applicant can invest €280,000 in an art reconstruction project or a refurbished National Heritage Project

Secondly, the applicant needs to invest €350,000 if interested in Research Activities

Thirdly, the applicant can also invest a minimum of €500,000 to acquire shares in a capital venture or investment funds.

Applicant can choose the property

Once for all, an applicant can become a co-owner of the company by investing in a pre-qualified project of Real Estate. In short, having this position in the country, the exit strategy will become more accessible and easy. After attaining permanent residency, applicants will get a 100 percent refund of the amount.