Portugal Golden Visa – 5 Reasons to Invest in Portugal’s Real Estate

Portugal Golden Viisaa

European Region has always been a prior choice for foreign investors while they are planning to relocate to a safer country. The core purpose of getting a residency or citizenship is to become part of a stable, strong, and growing economy. There are different programs available by different countries to welcome international investors to the country. One of the best residency programs is Portugal Golden Visa Scheme.

As one of the oldest historic countries in Europe, Portugal has great worth for travel enthusiasts. The culture and Lifestyle of Portugal is a blend of almost everything. Portugal has been a center of attention for tourists for a long time & now making its mark in the world of residency & citizenship through real estate investment.

Why Portugal Golden Visa is a wiser choice for Foreign Investors?

Portugal is the 6th strongest passport in the world which makes its political & economical worth more than any other country. There are multiple investment options for foreign investors to get residency within 6 to 9 months. Portugal’s Real Estate has become a major attraction for investors all around the world. The real estate of Portugal promises great returns on investments. Since 2020, Most people are looking for a Plan B, and what is better than investing in Portugal Golden Visa. The outbreak of COVID’19 has forced people to find safer options where they can ensure their family’s health & wellbeing. Portugal Golden Visa Program has helped to stimulate the country’s economy to another level.

Lisbon & Porto are two major cities with the best real estate options. Portuguese government had a plan to end the real estate option in the cities of Lisbon & Porto. Looking at the trend among foreign investors, Government extends the offer to invest in both cities till 1st January 2022. This is prime time for investors to start their applications to avail their Portugal golden visa in time. Lisbon ranks as the 10th most attractive city in Europe in terms of Real Estate. All the Foreign nationals have their eyes on it. Different surveys & researches held during the COVID’19 outbreak show that 60% of International Investors are interested to buy properties in Lisbon, Portugal.

If you are still wondering why do you need to invest in Portugal Golden Visa Program, Here is the list of reasons:

Residency leading to Lifetime European Citizenship

Initially, Portugal Golden Visa will provide you a residency. During the residency period, the applicant needs to visit Portugal for a minimum of 7 days in one year. The main applicant is expected to maintain the real estate property for at least 5 years in order to get citizenship. If the main applicant & dependents successfully complete their residency duration and maintain a good resident status, it is easy to achieve citizenship. Once the applicant gets citizenship, they can travel visa-free to 185+ countries across the globe.

Portugal Golden Visa

Ensured Great Returns on Investment

Return on Investment seems like a complex idea but in reality, it’s not that complicated. It simply means that once the applicant will become a citizen after 5 years, he/she will be allowed to sell or rent out the property. The real estate of Portugal promises the best returns on investment. The value of real estate property in Portugal is growing with time. Foreign nationals now understand the worth of the property they are investing in.

Advanced Tech Projects & Startups

Portugal is not only a real estate hub but also famous for great business ventures. Also, if you are looking for options to expand your business internationally, Portugal’s huge tech industry is a great option for you. Reports say that Portugal has tripled the amount of tech and startup industry in the last year. It clearly shows that whereas the world was falling apart during the last year, Portugal focuses on increasing its resources to cope up with the uncertainties. During a survey happened in 2018, Porto ranked as the no. 1 startup-friendly country in Europe. Also, from 2017 to 2019 there has been an increase of 45% in the job opportunities in the tech industry.

Being in Portugal, you have countless opportunities to expand your business or to start a whole new venture from an idea. People who are in business for decades understand how important business expansion is during these difficult times.

Secure & Better Lifestyle

Portugal is located in the European region which has the world’s best education & health facilities. As Golden Visa Scheme is leading to Citizenship in the future, applicants and dependents can take a lot of benefits. Not only your kids can study in great institutions but also bigger and better hospitals & medical care for your parents and grandparents.

Along with an overall luxury lifestyle & wellbeing, Portugal has also ranked as 3rd safest country in Europe. If you are a foreign investor and planning to relocate with your family, your prime concern is your family’s security. To ensure that concern, Portugal is one of the best options to live and work.

Low Taxation Rates

Being a resident of Portugal, the government offers you great concessions on your income & wealth tax. But once you reach the status of citizenship, you can enjoy all the perks and the lowest taxation rate is one of them. If you are able to spend 183 days per year in Portugal as a resident, you will be able to apply for NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) Program. This Program provides tax exemption on your foreign income. Also, in the case of your Portuguese income, you will get a flat rate of 20% which can be increased as your resident status gets mature.