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Permanent Residency in Sweden

Sweden Residency by Investment is a chance for foreign investors to live and work in Sweden and avail the best lifestyle.


Sweden is a global leader in innovation with a highly skilled labor force. Sweden has world’s largest free-trade Scandinavian market with full access to the European Union. The country has achieved world class standards for living. Sweden attracts major investments in Swedish industries such as automotive, power and energy generation, wood pulp and paper, medicine, logistics and IT data centers.

Swedish Residency by Investment

Immigrate to Sweden as self-employed (Entrepreneur)

This program is designed to attract investors. Applicants who are planning to start a business in Sweden, are required to demonstrate to the Swedish government that they have sufficient capital to run the business, as well as sufficient funds to support themselves and their families for at least 2 years, through a detailed business and budgeting plan. This residency Program enables permanent Citizenship after 5 years.

One need to Invest which is called Business Investment

Minimum Investment Euro 150,000

Visa Type is Business Visa/Long Term Residence Permit

Processing Time is 3 weeks

Permanent residency after 5 years of uninterrupted living

Swedish Citizenship Granted after 5 years of living as PR status.

Permanent Residency in Sweden


3 weeks





Key Benefits of Sweden Business Immigration

Sweden passport offers unparalleled freedom to travel visa free to 176+ countries. Besides the country global reputation makes it passport most powerful worldwide.

When investing in Sweden business investor get 18%-20% per year. To tell the truth, this investment starts from the very first year.

Investors who want to grow their wealth faster and relocate abroad, Sweden business immigration is the most affordable option. Honestly, the investment starts from €150,000.

Family members can avail the facility. Relocation is quite easier with family and with Sweden Business Immigration, entire family of investor can be included in the application.

With Sweden passport, an investor can get instant visa-on-arrival to almost 177 countries around the globe. Besides this is without going through the stress of applying and waiting time for the visa.

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