New Skilled Regional Subclass 491

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New Skilled Regional Subclass 491

Subclass 491 Skilled Regional Visa is going to take place of the visa 489. It is a new pathway to Australia. The change is declared by the Australian Department of Home Affairs and will implement on 16 November 2019.

What is Subclass 491 Skilled Regional Visa?

Specifically, this is a visa for candidates supported by a State or Territory government office. Furthermore one can get eligible for it due to sponsorship by a relative living in an assigned provincial zone.

Under this visa program, skilled workers can move to and work in Australia for a time frame of 5 years.

Features of Subclass 491- Skilled Work Regional Visa

  • Candidates must be welcome to apply for this visa. Moreover, they should apply inside a specific time.
  • This is a point’s based program. At least 65 points will be required to qualify for it.
  • Applicants must nominate a skilled occupation
  • It has an age limit and must meet the character requirements
  • All candidates must pronounce they have a true intention to live, work and study in an assigned provincial zone

Requirements for Visa Subclass 491

To check out if you are eligible for this visa, go through the requirements here:

An applicant must be competent in English

Candidate must have relevant work experience

Be less than 45 years of age is mandatory for the applicant

Positive skill assessment of applicant is mandatory

Candidate consent must be there to work and live in a regional area. This is particularly for 5 years.

Applicant must meet health and character prerequisites

Applicant should consent to finish three years in an assigned territorial zone before applying for permanent residency.Skilled Regional Subclass 491

Moving with Visa Subclass 491

There are two pathways available to move into Australia under this visa:

Sponsorship by a Family Member

If you want to reside in Australia with this visa program, you can get sponsorship by your close relative. However, the relative must be an Australian permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand native. Moreover, the settlement in a designated territorial region of Australia is necessary as well.

Sponsorship by Territory/State Government

Namely, each state and domain distributes a rundown of occupations. To move in Australia, applicant occupation must be included in that list. Similarly, it has a wide scope of selection criteria which, includes years of work experience, language skills, and skill set.

Approach to Permanent Residence

From 16 November 2022, holders of a subclass 491 visa can get permanent residence in Australia. However, there are certain requirements for the visa holder. One must live, work or study in designated territory of Australia for at least 3 years. An income option is also available to grab PR with this visa.

Points Test Changing

Applicants can now claim additional points. However, they are according to the changes prescribed for this visa:

  • 15 points: presently 10 points are converted into 15 points for applicants sponsored by close relatives or territory/ state government.
  • 10 points: for unmarried applicants
  • 10 points: update of 5 points into 10 points for applicants when a spouse has skill assessment.
  • 5 points: for the applicants with a partner having competent English
  • 10 points: upgrade has been made in points from 5 to 10 for specialist education qualifications.

How Can We Help You to Apply for Visa Subclass 491?

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