Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme – An Overview, Criteria and Benefits

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program – An overview, criteria, and benefits

Montenegro is located in the Balkans and considered a perfect blend of serene views and a modern lifestyle. However, It is constantly taking measures to improve the country’s economy. Similarly, Their citizenship by the Investment program has proved to be a great move in their economic growth.  Therefore, It has become a major attraction for investors because of the feasible mobility, security, and a modern lifestyle this country offers.

Why Montenegro?

Although, Montenegro is an ideal place to live for people who love to explore nature. Basically, The recent independence of this land attracts people to live here as it has a free political system to cater to the needs of every citizen living in the country. In addition, This country is constantly focusing to make a place in the list of developed countries with an improved economy, less crime rate, and a better health and education system. Montenegro is welcoming thousands of applicants under the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Perks of CBI program of Montenegro

  • Easy and frequent processing in less than a month and approval in less than 6 months.
  • All the dependents who are less than 18 years will get the approval for citizenship with the main applicant and spouse.
  • Visa-free travel to 116 countries
  • Direct access to the beautiful Adriatic Sea with a prime location in the region of Europe
  • No need for language certification to process application
  • No requirement to abandon your recent citizenship
  • Montenegro is a NATO member as well
  • By 2025, Montenegro is a candidate state for EU expansion
  • Montenegro has signed an E-2 treaty which will allow citizens to live and work in the US by having an investor visa
  • Montenegro has one of the biggest yachting marinas which has multiple employment opportunities.
  • Above all, The breathtaking landscapes make it a huge attraction for tourism.

Criteria to attain Citizenship

  • Firstly, Applicants must hold a valid passport or an authorization document to travel
  • Secondly, the Submission of verified documents about the original source of funds being invested.
  • Thirdly, A document representing no criminal record
  • Attested documents including agreement of investment and attorney’s approval

Investment Options

There are two investment options, Montenegro is offering its applicants to acquire citizenship and residency under their citizenship by investment program which is as follows:

  • An applicant is required to contribute €100,000 to the donation fund run by the government.
  • Invest in a real estate project approved by the government. You will invest €250,000 in the undeveloped region. For the developed regions, the amount would be €450,000.