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Citizenship by Investment Moldova

Moldova citizenship by investment – Are you getting ready to apply for citizenship of Moldova? Moldova second passport offers investors financial stability. One may not skip Moldova due to many beautiful spots and a strong economy.

Moldova is surrounded by Romania and Ukraine. Moreover, the district is rich with work opportunities. Actually, Moldova citizenship is the cheapest citizenship by investment. Truly one has a chance to spend life in a perfect place.

Moldova offers the most cost-effective route for investors to get Moldova citizenship. This program was launched in 2018. To get this passport, one must pass due diligence test. Also visit Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

Speaking about this, it offers visa-free access to 122 nations. Furthermore, it allows working and living rights to the investor in the country.

Citizenship by Investment Moldova Requirements

General requirements for the investor include:

  • The individual must be above 18 years of age
  • Must pass the due diligence test
  • Clear criminal record
  • Investment funds available

Moldovan Citizenship investment Options

Investment amount differs according to family members:

  • Non-refundable deposit
  • Individual must make a one-time donation of €100,000
  • a couple must make a donation of €115,000
  • A family of four is required to pay €145,000
  • Malta citizenship requires main immigrant and three dependents to pay €155,000

Pros of Moldova Citizenship by Investment

1. Visa-free travel to 121 countries

Secure Moldova Citizenship and one is able to travel up to 121 countries. Likewise, no visa or other requirements are there for traveling.

2. Citizenship for the Entire Family

Truly one can get this citizenship for the whole family. However, this requires paying the deposit amount along passing the due diligence test!

3. Enjoy Citizenship of Moldova

Citizenship is transferrable to descendants. It allows full living and working rights to offspring.

4. Full Citizenship

The pleasant climate and beautiful scenes are highlights of Moldova. With this passport, you can get citizenship of country with developing the industry.

5. Malta second Passport by investment Procedure

Among countries offering citizenship by Investment, obtaining Malta citizenship is simple. Notably, the process is:

6. Signing Contract

A contract is a signup between the applicant and the Immigration firm.

A valid passport is usually required for it.

7. Preparing application

This is usually done by the firm itself. This stage includes preparing the application and providing legal opinion to the applicant. Speaking about this, a package of documents is then prepare.

** All you need is to sign the application.

Paying Fees for Malta Second Passport

This is the stage for application submission. However, before this, you must pay the government and passport fees.

8. Due diligence and review

The process consists of 4 levels and time duration is around 2-3 months. Thus in the form of the positive result, your case will be processed further.

10. Fulfillment of investment Conditions

After all of the above, it is time to fulfill investment conditions and make a donation. The timeframe is around 1 week for this.

11. Collect Your Moldova Second Passport

After fulfillment of all the above, you can collect the passport for you and your family[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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