Major Changes in Dominica CBI Programme – An Overview of Processing Fee and other Benefits

You are currently viewing Major Changes in Dominica CBI Programme – An Overview of Processing Fee and other Benefits

Major changes in Dominica CBI programme – An overview of processing fee and other Benefits

Dominica is a land of nature and clear blue beaches. The quality of life this country promised to give their citizens is the best part to live there. Dominica Citizenship by investment programme is one of the cheapest and most frequent processes in the world. Living in a secure environment and having all the basic facilities of high-quality education and health care system, what else anyone can ask for themselves and for their family?

Processing Fee for Newborn and Adopted Children

Before these recent changes made to Dominica Citizenship by Investment programme, there were some applicants who left the process in between because there was no clause for newborn and adopted children as dependents. Dominican government observed the issue and keeping the applicants at priority, made this major move in their law. Now the main applicant and his/her spouse can add their newly born baby and legally adopted child as dependents.

Children who are newborn or adopted after completing the process of citizenship can be registered any time in future not primarily within 5 years of birth. The government is constantly trying to cater to all the needs of applicants who are ready to invest in the process of uplifting the country’s economy.

To attain citizenship for newly born and legally adopted children, charges would be:

  • Processing Fee: US$500
  • Certificate of Naturalization Fee: US$250 

Another major amendment about the spouses getting married after applying for Dominica citizenship by investment programme. All the individuals who have attained citizenship can make an application to add such spouses for adding as a citizen.

Spouses Married After Citizenship

All the spouses who got into marriage after the submission of the original application, the cost will be US$75,000 along with additional charges:

  • Processing cost: US$1,000
  • Fees For Due Diligence in case of submission after a year of the original application submission: US$7,500
  • Spouse Due Diligence Cost: US$4,000
  • Provision of Certificate of Naturalization: US$250

Benefits of Dominica second passport

There are multiple benefits of having a Dominica second passport as it is not only affordable but also flexible enough. This programme doesn’t demand from the citizen to be a resident of the country but allows people to enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship. Dominica’s citizenship is an assurance for a lifetime and it can be passed to next-generation easily. Dominica has the lowest crime rate in the region and also ensure a quality lifestyle for the citizens in regard to education, health and security.

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