Sweden Residency By Investment / Business Immigration

Processing Time

15 – 18 Months


€175,000 to €200,000

Investment Type

Real Estate Management

Program Overview

Sweden is located in a region that is a hub of opportunities in regard to business, jobs, education, and healthcare. The country is one of the most stable and secure places politically & economically around the world. Living in a country like Sweden is no less than a luxury. Sweden Residency by Investment is a program that welcomes foreign investors with a high net worth in their currently residing country. Sweden is categorized as a developed and advanced country with a constantly growing economy which makes it a secure option for investors to invest their assets and get guaranteed returns.

Benefits of Sweden Residency

  • There is no residency requirement for the applicants & dependents.
  • Swedish passport allows the applicants to maintain dual citizenship.
  • The second passport will be allocated after four years of residency.
  • Monthly allowances will be provided to applicants and families by the government.
  • Living in Sweden means global access to the best education and healthcare facilities.
  • All these benefits are applicable during 4 years of residency and after getting the passport as well.
  • The applicants and dependents are allowed to travel visa-free to more than 180 countries including the Schengen region after 4 years once they get the passport.

Requirements to get Sweden Residency:

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or more.
  • Main applicant required to submit proof for no criminal history.
  • Main applicants and dependents must be in excellent health conditions.
  • Applicants must maintain a high net worth in the country they are currently residing.

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Family Income Criteria for Residency:

  • EUR 2, 00,000 Main Applicant
  • EUR 1, 00,000 for Spouse
  • EUR 50,000 a for children per head

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