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Immigration is a very old phenomenon of moving from one country to another. For instance, the world is becoming a global village and science & technology have made some major moves in the last few decades. Therefore, People are now more interested to expand their business to other countries. it helps them to secure a better lifestyle for their families and upcoming generations. Similarly, there are multiple options when individual plans to immigrate to another country. It is a proven fact that citizenship by Investment and skilled immigration are two major ways to become a resident of the country.  We have just started our sub-office in Karachi. We are all set to maintain our mark as the best immigration consultants in Karachi as well.

In addition to this, there are countless consultants and companies providing these services. But Saad Ahsan is a top and most reputed firm working around Pakistan and Internationally. For instance, Karachi is a hub of business, and the people who own these huge companies are very interested to extend their work beyond the boundary of Pakistan. Moreover, amid this corona outbreak, everyone who has resources is looking for a Plan B, and citizenship by investment is a priority for the investors and highly experienced professionals. Basically, if you are based in Karachi and you are looking for trusted immigration consultants in Karachi, our doors are always open to serve you.

Why you need an Immigration Consultant?

Firstly, an immigration consultant is a highly experienced professional who has insight knowledge of all the legal procedures regarding immigration. In the meantime, an individual can never be able to fulfill this lengthy process all on their own. Once and for all, the best way to assure your case’s success rate, you need an immigration consultant to guide you. To be sure, immigration consultants will tell you what do you need and how you can start the application.

On the whole, from the first application submission to the compilation & attestation of the documents, these are all responsibilities of the immigration consultant to fulfill. While you hand over your case to an expert consultant, you are stress-free till you get approval and start packing your bags to live a life of your dreams. Consequently, we have an efficient team of immigration consultants in Karachi. Moreover, we take complete charge of your case and make sure to complete your application processing in a given time.

Services we offer:

Citizenship by Investment

Firstly, Citizenship by Investments plans is for people who have a high net worth in their currently located country. Accordingly, investors can invest in the real estate of the country to be eligible for this program. Under this plan, Investors get their passport right after the final approval of their application and enjoy all the benefits of a citizen to live, travel, and work in a country. Most of the countries under this citizenship program offering visa-free travel to more than 130 countries. To sum up, almost all the Caribbean countries, some countries Europe and Schengen region, and Canada are offering citizenship by investment programs.

Residency by Investment

The residency program is similar to citizenship but the countries offering residency by investment have different requirements and give permanent citizenship rights after a few years of residency. The time duration for residency varies from country to country. Comparatively, Portugal Golden Visa and Spain Golden Visa are the two most demanding residency programs among investors.

Skilled Immigration

In contrast, this is the best way to relocate to another country if you are an experienced professional. Furthermore, the countries offering this program include Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. On the whole, we have a team of experts to guide you about the process. In short, They will tell you what is the suitable choice for you according to your skillset.

Business Immigration

This is also an option for people who have an established business in their home country. Moreover, if applicants are interested to expand their business in another country, they can purchase a major share or whole business in their respective country.

Benefits of having a Plan B

  • A Pakistani passport only allows you visa-free travel to 30 countries. Hence, it automatically makes it a less worthy passport. Moreover, having a second passport gives you access to travel limitless without any visa restrictions.
  • Meanwhile, Moving to another country gives you a chance to get access to the best and free education for your children. Afterward, you have this opportunity to explore some amazing education institutes around the globe.
  • In addition, people with a great net worth in Pakistan always look up to the best healthcare for their families. All in all, the second passport provides you an assurance to give you access to the world’s best health facilities.
  • For instance, a Pakistani citizen understands the pressure of huge taxes on Income and wealth. On the contrary, Countries offering citizenship or residency by investment have great relief n taxation. Similarly, there is no tax policy in the majority of these countries offering such programs.
  • The worth of property in increasing internationally. As a result, having an investment in any foreign country will bring you great rewards within a few years.

Furthermore, If you are planning to start your immigration application any time soon, our doors are open. In essence, visit our website and book your appointment with the best and relevant consultant in the city. Meanwhile, we are working to improve our services to give you the best consultancy experience. Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is a pioneer organization in the relevant industry and our success rate is above 90% because we consider our client as a priority.