How Pakistanis can get European Residency?

European Residency

The world pandemic brought so many changes all around the world. But one thing that remains constant was people’s wanderlust to explore the world. We have clearly seen an increased urge of travelling among people. These hard times make people understand the value of wholesome travel adventures. But at the same time, this situation helped them in creating a sense to think about a plan B. A way that doesn’t restrict them even during a pandemic or any other future unrest. There are a lot of European countries offering different residency options for foreign nationals. The plan B you are looking for is basically a European Residency that will open up a new world of opportunities for you & your family.

What is a European Residency?

Residency is the process of achieving a resident permit in any country by making a real estate investment. Residency by Investment is one of the fastest ways to relocate to Europe within a year. Once you make up your mind to get a European Residency by Investment, You can explore your options and opt for the best suitable option for yourself. There are multiple countries offering residency leading to citizenship with different investment options and time duration. Europe is a region of countless business, education, and well-being opportunities.

Europe is, perhaps, the least worn-out of the continents, because it is the most lived in. A place that is lived in lives.

D. H. Lawrence

What are the options if you want to become a European Resident?

We have seen people wishing to live in Europe and never trying because they have a complex image of everything related to Europe. Europe no doubt is one of the most developed and progressive parts of the world but it is not that out of reach that you imagined. These are the 5 most valued residency programs in Europe. Investment budget, time duration, and processing may vary but the benefits are beyond your expectation.

Spanish Golden Visa by Investment

Portugal Golden Visa

Cyprus Permanent Residency

Greece Residency by Investment

Malta Permanent Residency

All these countries have a rich heritage with major tourist attractions for travelers all around the world. If you want details of each program, click here.

Why is this the Right Time to get European Residency?

Now is the best time to go for a European Residency. The current situation of a pandemic is the best time to make a Plan B for your family’s secure future. Basically, we all understand how important it is to have access to the best medical services these days. What can be a better option than living in Europe and getting easy access to all the quality yet low-cost health facilities? Europe has the world’s best hospitals with all the advanced equipment. Living in a country like Pakistan, we have seen people losing their lives waiting for a ventilator. We have to embrace these harsh realities and look for better options for ourselves. Investing in your family’s future is so important and getting a European Residency is actually worth the investment you make.

Other than Health security, you will be able to make your children study in the best schools & universities. The best part about becoming a resident of Europe is that you do not need to abandon your current citizenship. You can manage your current nationality and get all the perks of being a European resident at the same time. Also, the real estate investment you will make in order to get residency in Europe is refundable and you can get guaranteed returns on your investment.

What do you need to know before making your final decision?

The very first thing you have to figure out what is the best suitable option according to your business industry and family structure. When we are suggesting this, we want you to clear that every program has different requirements. Once you made up your mind that you will go for a European Residency, now it’s time for you to contact us.

In our first step, we will connect you to our advisor who will share the information with you. The advisor will tell you about all the pros & cons of every suitable option. After this first interaction, we suggest our clients take some time to think and discuss with family. Think about all the perspectives, be it related to your business or your family security and future opportunities. You will soon reach the point where you will be clear to decide which country you are going to start your process with.

Why do you need an Immigration Advisor?

We know that the whole world is on your mobile phone now. You can google and get information about anything. No matter how advanced the digital world gets, there are people who have a concrete knowledge of a certain industry. An immigration advisor is your first investment step towards a better future. Read below how an immigration advisor can help you in a better way:

  • Filter out your options to make a final decision
  • Compile all the required documents on your behalf
  • Get all the documents attested by authorities
  • Be there as a Representative for you in case of any delay
  • Guide you to select the best real estate property in your desired country
  • Deal with local and international bodies to verify your case
  • Saves your time with enhanced knowledge of the industry
  • Make your case approval guaranteed

For more details, Click here and know How an Immigration Advisor will assure your case success.

How Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm different can Help You in getting European Residency?

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is the company that brought the idea of citizenship & residency by investment to Pakistan. Being in this business for more than two decades, we have a legacy to fulfill our commitments with a 100% success rate. Our team is committed to every client who comes to us and we make sure to deliver what we promise.

We have expert immigration advisors onboard. Each of our advisors has different expertise and relevant knowledge of a certain region or country. Transparency is one of our core values and we make sure to maintain it while we process your case. We are 24/7 available to respond to your query just like your family. Book your appointment and experience the best immigration services in Pakistan.