How Fast is To Get a 2nd Passport?

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Discover how fast it is to get a 2nd passport! Getting a second passport is a transformative step that can improve your life and offer unparalleled travel freedom. However, becoming a citizen of another country can often be time-consuming. Having dual citizenship (or even multiple citizenships) offer you numerous opportunities to travel and invest that having single citizenship alone doesn’t. Let’s explore various Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs that provide a relatively quick pathway to obtaining a second passport.

Understanding Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is a straightforward process: meet the due diligence requirements and make a qualifying investment, and you can obtain another citizenship relatively quickly. Some CBI programs cost more than others, and some require you to reside in the country for a specific period or learn the language.

Compare Top Citizenship by Investment Programs

Here’s a comparison table of the top Citizenship by Investment programs:

Program Processing Time Visa-Free Countries Investment Requirement Additional Benefits
Grenada 2 months 115+ USD 220,000 in Real Estate + $150,000 donation EU Citizenship, No Residency Requirement
Dominica 2-3 months 144 USD 100,000 donation to Government Fund or $200,000 in real estate Affordable, Transferable to Family, Visa-Free Travel
Antigua & Barbuda 3-4 months 140 $100,000 donation, $400,000 in real estate, or $1,500,000 in business Enhanced Global Mobility, Business Opportunities
Turkey 2 months 111+ Property purchase in USD 400,000 EU Citizenship, Visa-Free to Schengen States, no interview or test required

Grenada CBI Program

Grenada initiated its citizenship program in 2013, which offers an opportunity to live a secure life with a lifetime of citizenship. Individuals with Grenada passports can freely move worldwide as it is the only passport that allows people to work and live in the United States through an E2 visa. There are two options through which one can avail of this offer within 90 days. Applicants can either a USD 150,000 government donation or a USD 220,000 real estate investment. 

Dominica CBI Program

The most affordable Caribbean citizenship by investment program offers a speedy path to acquire dual citizenship and access visa-free travel to over 135 countries worldwide. Moreover, the USD 100,000 donation to the Government Fund makes it one of the most reasonable for single candidates. Get the second passport in merely 2-3 months with real estate investment starting from $200,000. Citizenship is transferable to your family while ensuring financial and political security for your whole family.

Antigua & Barbuda CBI Program

The program, launched in 2013, is aimed at people who wish to enhance global mobility and get business opportunities in the EU. This passport offers a way to get another citizenship in 3–4 months with visa-free access to more than 140 nations worldwide. Antigua and Barbuda require investors to donate $100,000, invest $400,000 in any government-approved real estate projects, or invest a minimum of $1,500,000 directly to an eligible business.

Turkey CBI Program

The Citizenship by Investment program of Turkey was launched in January 2017. A vast number of foreign investors have successfully received their second passport along with their families. The Turkish second passport program is popular because of its fast and transparent processing. All it takes is 90 days to get processed. With the Turkey CBI program, you become eligible for E2 Visa with an extension after five years.  

How fast you can get a Second Citizenship?

The time it takes to acquire your second passport varies depending on your chosen country. The impacts of globalization have led more individuals to pursue dual citizenship for work or the desire to experience living in different countries. To learn more about all the Citizenship by Investment programs, you can rely on Saad Ahsan Immigration Residency & Citizenship for authentic information. Feel free to contact us with any queries or assistance in applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Citizenship by Investment (CBI)?

A: Citizenship by Investment is a process where individuals can obtain another citizenship by making a qualifying investment in a particular country.

Q: Which country offers fast and transparent processing?

A: Turkey offers fast and transparent processing, taking just 2 months.

Q: What is the most affordable Caribbean citizenship by investment program?

A: Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program is one of the most affordable options, providing a speedy path to dual citizenship in just 3 months.

Q: Can I get visa-free access to other countries with a second passport?

A: Having a second passport from certain countries grants you visa-free access to multiple other nations.

Q: Are there any language requirements for obtaining a second passport?

A: Some Citizenship by Investment programs might require you to learn the language of the country you wish to get citizenship.

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