Greece Golden Visa Scheme – 6 Reasons Why Choose Greece

The magical land of Greece is located at the edge that connects it with the boundaries of Asia & Africa being part of the most desirable European region. Greece is a hub of cosmopolitan cities and aesthetically appealing for people to not only visit the country as a tourist but to live and work in Greece as a resident. Greece is popular for its Greek civilization, a perfect blend of classic & contemporary cultures. From language to food, arts and overall vibe Greece gives is a wonderful experience for people who live in the country. Greece Golden Visa Scheme was launched back in 2013. It’s been more than 7 years now, hundreds of people get their visa approval & now living as residents of the country. 

About the Program:

Greece Golden Visa Scheme targets individuals with high net worth all around the world. The country offers 5 years residency permit in return for an investment in the real estate of the country. However, the five years residency permit will keep getting a renewal after every 5 years and in long term, under certain circumstances, individuals can get citizenship too. Moreover, Investors need to make an investment of €250,000 in Real Estate to get a five-year residency along with their families. Individuals are eligible to work and live in the country after the application approval.

Reasons to choose Greece Golden Visa Scheme

There are multiple benefits individuals can enjoy after getting the Golden Visa. Investors usually ask why they should choose Greece Golden Visa Scheme and how it will benefit them and their family. In this article, we are enlisting few major reasons why Investors need to invest in the Real Estate of Greece.

Freedom of Global Mobility

Greece is located in the European region and the applicant being a resident of Europe is eligible for visa-free traveling to Schengen region with any visa requirements. Greece itself is one of the major tourist attractions and keeping that in mind, the Greek authorities operate in a manner to provide hassle-free traveling opportunities to its residents. It is a huge relief for frequent travelers that they do not need to waste time & expenses on visa approvals.

Inclusion of Dependents

While making such great investments, investors are usually panicking about their family members. There are countries that do not cater to multiple dependents. But Greece Golden Visa Scheme gives great consideration to this concern. Children under the age of 21, parents & grandparents of the applicant & spouse are eligible to become part of the application as dependents. Basically, it covers 4 generations at a time which is a major reason to opt for this program.

Minimum Residency Requirement

Most of the countries offering Golden Visa have a major requirement of stay. Golden Visa countries ask you to stay in the country during and after the process. Investors who invest in the real estate of any country for the sake of getting residency usually do not have time to live in the country. They mostly attain a golden visa for other benefits than living in the country. This program only requires a one-day stay per year. In order to achieve permanent citizenship, residents need to live in the country for seven years in the country.

Fastest Processing

Investors who plan to move to another country really don’t want to wait for months to get an application approval. This is one of the major reasons why investors should consider Greece a prior choice. From application submission to final approval, it takes 60 to 90 days only.

High Quality Education & Healthcare

The European region has some of the best educational institutions. People who want their children to study in these reputed institutions with low tuition fees should definitely apply for a golden visa. Having a resident status makes a lot of difference in the fee structures in high schools & universities. Similarly, Greece has a very stable healthcare system and the way this country dealt with the COVID’19 wave is commendable. In these times of trouble, moving towards a safer & stable country is a wise decision.

Minimum Taxation

If you are a citizen of a developing country, you can realize the pressure of taxes every individual is facing. Opting for residency in Greece is a good choice because the overall taxation rates are very low. Being a resident of Greece, investors can experience how sustained the country’s economy is. Also, Recently Greece is offering a flat 7% tax rate incentive to pensioners who decide to move their tax residency to Greece.