Greece Golden Visa – Greece Citizenship By Investment 2019

Greece Golden Visa

Greece Golden Visa 2019

Greece golden visa is an extremely attractive program which lets an entire non-EU family, which includes the investor’s children aged up to 24 along with the parents of both spouses. All will get permanent residency status in Greece with under a time period of three months just investing in real estate worth 250,000 Euros.

This golden visa lets you travel to all the cities of the Schengen zone without requiring any additional visa.  This traveling period could last up to 90 days in every six month period.  

Important Features

  • The visa extends to dependent children aged up to 21 years old which can be extended to 24 years of age
  • It only takes around 3 months of processing time; in some areas, it’s even less than that.
  • Would provide the visa to parents of both spouses
  • The investors can apply for EU citizenship
  • Traveling within the Schengen zone without a visa

Greece Golden Visa Investment Program

As mentioned earlier, the golden visa program requires the applicant to make a real estate investment worth 250,000 Euros in Greece.  This investment can be made in the form of land, off-plan, and buying new or resale properties. All you have to do is meet the minimum investment value.  The investors allowed to sell that property before the five-year mark to some other foreign citizen.  But the investor would have to give up his/her permit in order to do that.

Moreover, if there is joint ownership of property worth more or equal to 250,000 Euros. Then residency permit is only given if the joint owners are spouses.

In other joint ownership cases, the residency permit is only given if both of the owners have invest an amount of 250,000 Euros each in a particular property.

In case the owner has bought the property from a legal body, the applicant should have 100 percent shares of the company.

The residency visa will only be granted on single or multiple properties with a combined value beyond 250,000 Euros.

Applying for Greek Citizenship

All the permanent residents have the right to apply for Greek citizenship after spending seven years in Greece.  Their children can apply also to the following terms:

  • If they have attended any Greek school for a period of nine years
  • Attended any Greek Secondary school for a period of six years
  • If they have attended any Greek university

The easiest way to get Greece Golden Visa

  1. Apply for an entry visa and visit the country to look for the right property to invest in
  2. Buy that property and sign the sales agreement with any power of attorney document you need
  3. Gather and file all the documents for a golden visa

The document you need for a golden visa

  • A copy of your original passport
  • Three colored pictures of you
  • Copy of all the documents of your sale contract of single or multiple properties with a minimum worth of 250,000 Euros
  • Title deed’s transfer certificate through the land registry
  • Submit 500 Euros per every adult person for your residency permit application

In addition to this, the applicant may require a certificate of marital status, translated and stamped, in order to prove the relationship with their spouse and other family members.

Total expenditure

  1. Fees require for the contract
  2. Transferring the title deed

If the property had the building issue permit before 31-12-2005, then it would take the cost a total of 3 percent of the contract price

If the property had the building issue permit after 31-12-2005, then there would be a payment of VAT 24 percent instead of transfer of title.

  1. Permanent residency application will include lawyer’s fee, single buyer fee: 1.500 Euros, single buyer with spouse and a child fee: 2.000 Euros.