Citizenship by Investment Programs


Citizenship by Investment Programs

Citizenship – Have you ever thought about getting another passport? Do you make frequent international travel? Are you willing to raise the level of well-being and life? How to get immense business opportunities?

Your second passport is the fastest key to unlock all the perks, hence allowing the individual to get dual nationalities.

You now have citizenship of your birth nation or so for what reason would it be favorable for you to get second citizenship?

All about Citizenship by Investment Programs

Citizenship by Investment is a perfect fast solution to become a citizen of another nation and get a second passport. Since the launching of these programs, individuals from a broad range of nations have been investing in a second citizenship. Through this track, you can accomplish both better tomorrow and citizenship with all the privileges.

The nations that offer investment citizenship give all the rewards to passport holders that their citizens value. European and Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs offers citizenship status through a way that has been refined in several years.

The second passport paves ways to new business openings, a more extensive market, better life and open doors for you and your family. Moreover, you improve your global mobility while going with your new identification.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by investment is the process which offers instant 2nd passport in return of donation or investment.  These programs are endorsed by the law. Governments further facilitate these programs as the investments are additionally used in improving the nation’s economy and framework.

Different options have unique requirements and time to grant dual nationality. The CBI programs typically have a clear & easy procedure and a high possibility of success. These programs are gaining epic popularity in recent years.citizenship

Reasons to Invest in a Second Passport

Everybody has their motivations to get dual citizenship. However, another passport promises certain benefits for its holder. Here are they:

Golden Opportunity of Globetrotters

Do you love to hop between countries? Or love the idea to flourish your business?

Second citizenship is an attractive option. It offers visa-free travel access to numerous nations over the globe. Equally, this makes it simpler for you and your family to go for business or relaxation. For instance, Dominican passport unlocks visa-free travel to more than 130 nations.  Likewise, Malta offers its natives visa access to more than 160 nations. It spares you a ton of time, stress and cash. This is when you have to travel to another country for any purpose. Certainly, the second visa makes you a resident of the world.

Personal Satisfaction

Becoming a citizen of two countries creates a rich number of prospects. Second citizenship ensures individual security, monetary benefits and living in a low crime nation.

Buy Citizenship for the Entire Family

CBI programs offer investment citizenship to qualified relatives as well. Furthermore, second citizenship is passed on to generations. This implies a better tomorrow for a life partner and kids. Second citizenships offer access to world-class healthcare, education and an improved way of life. Also, natives gain access to world-class education which means higher learning, the greater good.


The entire CBI application process doesn’t breach one’s privacy while it’s private and secure. However, it is imperative to check whether your nation grants double citizenship. Indeed, it is a fact that not every program permits this.

Encourage Business Development

New business open doors open up to 2nd passport holders. They would be able to work in a foreign nation and traveling is visa-free as well. Nations offering citizenship by investment programs have a rich number of business development and initiation slots. Also, strong economies provide tax reliefs on international income along with offering endless possibilities as well. However, to sum up, do evaluate if your business fits in the puzzle wholly!

Physical Cover

Freedom of movement to safer nations is an extra charm of CBI.  Nationality from a tranquil nation also means a relocation option to a safer country. One can also skip political anxiety, it occurs in the nation of origin. This sort of protection is extremely valuable for individuals and their families.

Tax Breaks

There are tax rules on the income earned. By and large, there are tax solutions. Antigua and Barbuda residents are not troubled by their own pay. Making the investment into dual passport gives tax breaks to entrepreneurs. Yet you must pick up a country with the best tax benefits.

Well- Rounded Education

Feeling of accomplishment and global competencies are key benefits of a good education. Education is the establishment of effective life. Second citizenship programs can open up access to the best institutions globally.

Caribbean Citizenship Programs- Best Investment Programs

Caribbean citizenship programs require applicants to make a donation or do real estate investment. Specifically, these programs are the most reasonable ones among all offered.

There is a scope of Caribbean citizenship projects to look over. Truly, every program opens doors for visa-free travel to over 120 nations. The programs are comparable, yet there are slight differences in benefits. Subsequently, there are certain eligibility requirements to consider as well.

These programs are clinching glory among rich people. A CIB offers an approach to accomplish your objectives in an easy and quick manner. What’s not to adore about that? In all honesty, these projects offer an approach to achieve recognition inside merely months.

Here are the Caribbean Nations with the Best CIP Open Doors in 2020:

Citizenship by Investment Dominica- Become a Citizen of the World

Citizenship by Investment Dominica is a trendy least expensive second passport. By and by, it is the 2nd passport in the Caribbean that unlocks visa-free entry to over 130 countries.

The program is introduced in 1933 and is now included in the world’s top 2nd passports.

One of the upsides of the program is the absence of residency requirements. That is, the candidate isn’t obliged to go on the island or as to live there.

How to Get It?

Donation Route

The donation route is the easiest option. An individual can turn into a Dominican citizen against a donation of $100,000. Yet the amount varies according to the number of individuals in an application. Moreover, this option is non-refundable.

Real Estate Option

The costly but refundable choice to get a Dominican passport is to invest in real estate. Like other 2nd passports in the Caribbean, Dominica offers citizenship against investment. But, Dominica has low investment criteria of USD $220,000.

The main advantage of this choice is that you get a return on investment. Though, you should hold the property for at least three years. On the off chance, if you sell out the property to someone else, that buyer is entitled to citizenship as well.

PROCESS and TIMELINE for Dominica Economic Citizenship

Gather Documentation: You should work with your immigration firm to and ask for all documents that will be submitted to Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU).

This incorporates all credentials, reports, clinical assessment and buys consent to hold you chose to land. Now, your consultant will definitely lead individual verifications and take other due tirelessness measures.

Submit Application: Once your chosen consultant is satisfied that everything is in line, your application will be submitted for the survey.

Wait: During this time, the government will direct their due diligence. This includes checking all the data you have given in your application.

Toward the finish of this period, you will be told whether your application has been acknowledged, deferred for additional handling, or dismissed.

Make Investment: Once you have been told by a letter from the CBIU that your application is acknowledged, you can make your donation or investment in real estate.

The governing body won’t utilize the assets from your citizenship account until naturalization avowal has been given to you and your family.

Obtain your Passport: Once the CBIU gets confirmation of investment, they will give your authentication of enlistment, which you would then be able to use to apply for your Dominican Passport.

While this procedure is amazingly streamlined, it requires a great deal of administrative work. Furthermore, the entire process will take up to 3 months for the delivery of your 2nd passport.

Easiest Ways to Get Dominica Citizenship

It is additionally essential to know about other ways to grab the Dominican passport. For instance, as long as you keep up your Dominica citizenship, you would then be able to give your second nationality to upcoming generations.

Naturalization is another way to get this nationality. Specifically, living in Dominica for seven years gets you this passport. Likewise, getting married to Dominican citizens along living there for five years is another way to get this passport.

Dominican 2nd Citizenship – Easiest Option in the Caribbean

Dominican 2nd citizenship is generally simple to get. It is not expected you to show any net worth other than making the basic investment. And that is amazing for a visa with that degree of value.

Conversely, it offers a genuinely simple second citizenship option. Truth be told, it’s the simplest Caribbean citizenship choice for those seeking visa-free travel.

What’s more, offering the lowest investment criteria, no residency terms and the brief timeframe to naturalization, Dominica is the most straightforward approach to get Caribbean citizenship.

Double tax treaty and corporate tax incentives make this passport a golden sparrow for investors and businessmen. Dominica likewise has tax relief perks and tax holidays as well.

Citizenship by Investment Antigua & Barbuda- Best Passport Choice in the Caribbean

Citizenship by Investment Antigua & Barbuda is for those looking for a second passport that empowers incredible mobility. Certainly, Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship is worth considering. It unlocks visa-free travel entrance to in over 130 nations, including the United Kingdom.

Antigua and Barbuda’s is loaded with magnificent beauty and specked with mountain tops. Lavish vegetation and broad coral reef draw in a huge number of tourists to this wonderful, marvelous spot.

This investment passport is also known as the best affordable 2nd passport. It permits you to rapidly and lawfully get native of Antigua & Barbuda by following simple investment criteria.

How to Get Second Citizenship

Donate to the National Development Fund

This is the top-rated and least expensive investment citizenship choice for families right now in the Caribbean. An individual must pay $100,000 for a family of four. In conclusion, Antigua is the most affordable program in the Caribbean on the off chance that you apply as a family.

The significant disadvantage with this choice is that, not at all like with land, there’s nothing to sell. This is a donation choice, so once the cash is gone, it’s gone. However, it is still far less expensive than the real estate option.

Real Estate Investment

Here you can buy citizenship under the real estate choice. Indeed the legislature expects candidates to make an investment informally endorsed land with a minimum value of US$ 400,000. There are other expenses besides the main investment cost as well.

This best passport requires Investors to hold the real estate investment for a long time. The real estate cannot be sold before 5 years. Moreover the investor avail suitable return on investment during this time period too. Thus, this citizen route is refundable.

Business Establishment

This is the most expensive investment citizenship route. The applicant needs to invest $400,000, either buy an existing business or initiate a new one.

CBI Application Process

Choose the Immigration Firm

The whole citizenship process requires proper planning of your case under the expert’s supervision. To ensure the most efficient use of your resources, choose the trustable law firm.

Fill in the Application

The immigration consultant will furnish you with all the information required at this stage. Fill the application cautiously.

Pay the Charges

At the point when you present the application, you’ll be required to pay the charges as imposed by your chosen firm. However, at this stage, you must not pay all of them.

Get the Letter of Endorsement

That is the point at which you’re nearly with turning into a resident!

  • Pay the rest of the charges.
  • Rest of the consultancy expenses
  • Passport charges, and
  • To pay your commitment to the NDF

Note: Investment to NDF ought to be paid independently to the CIU’s account inside 30 days of accepting the letter of endorsement.

After CIU gets the investment they will give all your:

  • Certificate(s) of Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship
  • Passport(s)

Promise of Loyalty

Your citizenship status is currently official, yet there is as yet one function to play out: A pledge or attestation of faithfulness. Now collect your 2nd passport.

Antigua and Barbuda 2nd Passport- Most Economic Citizenship Program

Personal Satisfaction

Antigua and Barbuda is a nation that offers a high quality of life. The country position is high in the human development category too.

Worldwide Mobility

With the citizenship of Antigua, you get the opportunity to travel visa-free, regardless of whether for business or recreation. Antigua’s passport holds a passport power rank of 23 in the World’s passport index.

Tax Incentives

Antigua’s tax rules are useful for entrepreneurs. For instance, you are buying peace of mind, as the land is offering minimal taxation. There is the full exemption from import duties and the country offers tax relief benefits as well. This Antigua an extraordinary spot for business owners and industrialists!

Real Estate Investment

There are numerous residential and business development projects under development in the nation. In case you’re keen on purchasing land in Antigua, you have numerous choices available. Doing Business in Antigua’s, therefore, makes property enrollment much quicker.

Citizenship by Investment Grenada- World Class Opportunity

Citizenship by the interest in Grenada is a quick and clear procedure, taking as meager as 120 to 180 days to process. There is no meeting, training, language test or the executive’s experience required, and dual citizenship is allowed.

Grenada is additionally an E-2 visa settlement nation with the US, which means endorsed E-2 visa candidates are qualified to begin a business and live in the US with their family.

With no strict eligibility, high net worth people hoping to secure another citizenship discover this exceptionally engaging alternative.

The island has cool sea breezes and a mean temperature of 29°C. Grenada is a fascinating nation, rich in nearby history and culture. Grenada appreciates a strong economy and various worldwide institutions.

How to get second citizenship of Grenada?

National Transformation Fund Donation

Candidates may donate at least USD 150,000 to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund. This way of acquiring 2nd citizenship is introduced in 2013 as a way for transforming Grenada’s economy prosperous.  For a group of four individuals, the investment is USD 200,000. But this investment option is irrecoverable.

Investment in Real Estate

Applicants do have the choice of making the investment in real estate as well. Following 3 years the property can be sold, permitting you to get your investment amount back.

$220,000 —the single applicant applying through joint investment must invest $220,000 with another applicant. Every one of the candidates becomes eligible after this investment amount.

$350,000 — Minimum interest in the land while applying independently (a single individual with the family). This investment must hold for a period of 4 years. Conversely, the good news about this option is that it is redeemable.

** Note that an application incorporates parents less than 50 years of age.

7 Steps to Grenada Passport

Consult Trustable Immigration Firm

A good immigration firm helps you in choosing the venture choices generally appropriate for you. The entire process requires guidance which Saad Ahsan provides timely to avoid any hassle.

Select Investment Option

Acquire Grenadian citizenship either through donation beginning from $150,000. The passport is also available through another investment choice i.e. through real estate investment.

Get Ready Documents

Experienced citizenship consultants will gather and check all the reports for consistency and guarantee all necessities are met. The major documents include passports, ID cards, a copy of the certificates and proof documents. Your firm will advise you regarding the documents accordingly.

Submit Application

Saad Ahsan Law law Firm will survey your documents. Saad Ahsan Immigration Law firm will submit all the documents to the Government by the firm, as legally necessary.

Handling Time

Every application is reviewed by the Government through the due diligence process, during which submitted data is analyzed and checked. There is no meeting necessity.

Get your Pre-approval

When the application is explored by the Government and the choice is made, the candidate will be given a letter informing the choice.

Complete your Investment

When your application has been endorsed, you will be required to finish your investment (non-refundable option or property investment).

Obtain a Grenadian Visa

Once your investment is complete, your Grenada passport will be handed over to you.

Acquiring a Grenada Passport Aces

Access to the USA

Access to the USA through the E-2 Investor Visa makes it a dream passport. It allows Grenada nationals to apply for an E-2 Investor Visa.

Visa-Free Travel

Grenada 2nd passport gives you global flexibility to 141 nations, including the EU (Visa Europe), the UK, and China.

Entire Family

Your spouse, siblings, guardians, grandparents, and kids under 30 can likewise be incorporated in the application. Moreover, citizenship will pass over to generations.

Best College

Grenada is home to the best United States Seaward College – right now has 6,000 students from more than 140 nations.

Dual Citizenship

There is no need for renouncing the current passport since there is no limitation on double citizenship. Enjoy the benefits of both nations.

European Citizenship by Investment- Your Passport to the World

Being a citizen of Europe accompanies plenty of perks. By investing in European CBI programs, you have the right to settlement and freedom of movement inside Europe.

European second Citizenship by Investment offers a speedy solution for individuals looking for chances to secure dual citizenship status. Regardless of whether your motivations to acquire citizenship in Europe or to get global mobility or expand your business, get a European passport to enjoy all.

EU countries are perfect for investment because of good tax policies and various investment options. Europe is a top goal for migration to improve the quality of life. Moreover, EU CBI programs bring incredible medical and healthcare facilities on the table as well.

Citizenship by Investment Cyprus- Your Fast Track Entry into the European Union

Cyprus passport is possibly the best choice you would ever make in the event that you dream to live in Europe. This is a warm, inviting Mediterranean island country whose immaculate seashores and radiant climate make it one of Europe’s top travel industry goals.

Becoming a Cyprus citizen is not a troublesome procedure, yet you should cling to the rules and investment criteria carefully. Investors looking for European open doors and countries with a strong economy embrace this 2nd passport.

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about relocating to Cyprus for business or other reasons, surely you will be excited by everything this great island offers.

How to Get this Best Citizenship?

The total investment cost is €2,150,000.

€150,000 donation which is further divider according to:

Research and Innovation Foundation of Cyprus- €75,000

Cyprus Land Development Corporation- €75,000 to the

€2,000,000 in real estate

To apply for Cyprus Citizenship both of these investments are necessary.

The real estate investment is set for a long time, after which the bought property can be sold, permitting you to discharge your capital. However, to preserve Cyprus citizenship, there is a condition of holding land with a minimum value of €500,000.

Steps and Time Line to Get your Cyprus 2nd Passport

Stage One- Documents Collection

Gather all the necessary documents. These usually include a valid passport, confirmation of investment funds and various other documents.

Stage Two- Look for the Property

Find the property in Cyprus and decide to buy it. Your immigration will assist you in this step fully.

Stage Three- Submitting Documents

Presenting the main candidate applying for a Citizenship to Cyprus Immigration Department and hang tight for the endorsement.

Stage Four – Processing & Approval

At this stage, the Cyprus government conducts the processing and approval of the submitted application.

Stage Five- Make Payment

It is time to pay the investment amount.

Stage Six- Issuance of Citizenship Certificate

This is the time for the issuance of the certificate. After collecting it you can apply for your passport.

How to Become an EU citizen through Cyprus Citizenship & Other Benefits:

Speed and Effectiveness

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program is probably the quickest plan of its sort as far as acquiring EU residency and citizenship by investment. From the beginning of the application procedure, Cypriot residency rights can be gotten in 2 months.

Family Included

Cypriot citizenship allows spouses and kids up to the age of 28 years to include in the application. In addition, citizenship pass over to generations and the kids can enjoy citizenship rights as well.

Unmatched Lifestyle

Enjoy a sun-soaked Mediterranean way of life in a deliberately focal area. It likewise flaunts superb healthcare facilities, making it a convincing second home or essential retirement goal.

Opportunity for Development

Enjoy the option to travel, consider and live visa-free over the European Union, and travel visa allowed to nations, for example, Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia.

Cyprus 2nd passport offers an immense number of benefits along the fastest course to turning into a resident of a European nation. You and your family can appreciate the option to be called Cypriots in a half year if you can continue through the procedure and you have the investment amount.

Malta Citizenship by Investment- Best Value in Europe

Malta is a pleasant and largest island nation in the Mediterranean. Its rich history, high standard of living and attractive natural spots make it an alluring spot to live to or possess the next home.

Malta CBI program is an individual investor program. The program was launched in 2014. Besides the program is introduced to provide the chance of getting a passport of Malta against investment.

The Maltese passport provides you the option to live, study and work anywhere in the EU. Therefore, the citizenship-by-investment program Malta is a superb incentive for cash.

Malta Second Citizenship by Investment Requirements

Any candidate wishing to fit the bill for the Malta Citizenship by Investment must be 18 years or over. Under specific conditions, the primary candidate may likewise incorporate their life partner, parents, and kids.

One can’t just purchase a Maltese residency without first fulfilling the fundamental prerequisites. More or less, the citizenship necessities are as per the following:

Buy or Rent Property

The Malta citizenship requires you to invest in a property on the island with an estimated value of €350,000. And hold this property for 5 years. You can likewise rent a property on the Maltese islands having annual rent of €16,000, which should likewise be held for a long time.

Make an Investment in Shares

Investment of at least €150,000 into shares or bonds must be made. This is to be saved for at least 5 years.

Commitment to the National Development Fund

Malta citizenship requires a commitment cost of €650,000 for the principle candidate. €25,000 for the companion, €25,000 for every single kid younger than 18 years, €50,000 for unmarried kids in the range of 18 and 26 years of age and €50,000 for every single parent over 55 years old.

This is a non-refundable option.

Malta CBI Application Process

Purchase qualifying land in Malta and register for residency

To get the address in Malta, you must purchase the real estate in Malta at this stage.

Apply for Naturalization

Apply for Malta Citizenship by Investment and pay due diligence expenses. Submit important documents and criminal background checks.

Government Approval

After 120 days the Maltese government will officially affirm whether the application has been successful.

Pay Your All Payments

The investor must pay the remaining amount at this step.

Issuance of Certificate

Upon completion of all the relevant requirements, the certificate of naturalization has been issued at this stage.

Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

The Program is Interesting in Europe and Engaging:

Cyprus passport provides you full rights to live or work in the EU. Holder of Cyprus 2nd passport can travel visa-free to over 157 countries.

Dual citizenship. No need to renounce your current citizenship status.

Citizenship is for the entire family. All the kids (younger than 28 years of age) are able to get citizenship as well.

So, a Simple citizenship process with no tough residency requirements.

Which is Best 2nd Passport to Get in 2020 and for Beyond?

Contingent upon your circumstance, there might be different choices. Do you have a business or want to initiate one? Is it true that you are ready to make the investment in real estate? Is it safe to say that your aim is to get global mobility?

Your best 2nd passport choice is reliant on your conditions. With your passport, you can live in a European nation without a visa and travel all the more open to more nations. In addition, speculator tax reductions, improve business openings and better personal satisfaction are other perks of it.

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