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Turkey is a country with rich history, culture, and an amazing lifestyle for citizens. After ruling the world of tourism for years, Turkey Citizenship by Investment program has now become a sensation globally. Investors around the globe are taking interest in the citizenship program more than ever before. Hundreds of families are getting their Turkish second passports and moving to Turkey. Living in Turkey is no less than a luxury. Being a Turkish citizen, you will get access to great food, accommodation options, culture, history, frequent transportation options, and much more. The lifestyle and business benefits of living in Turkey are beyond your expectation.

Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

Turkey gives global investors this golden chance to invest in luxury real estate. The investors get a Turkish second passport as a reward with various other advantages. The real estate projects that come under Turkey citizenship by investment are government-approved. The involvement of the government makes the investment secure and transparent. The step-by-step process is frequent and you can become a citizen of Turkey in a few months.

Turkey CBI


What is the Investment Budget for Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

The investor is expected to invest $400,000 in the real estate project in Turkey. This investment amount is refundable after 5 years. You can enjoy the best ROIs and the best tax benefits being a citizen of Turkey. Moreover, there’s no donation option available for Turkey Citizenship by Investment. But your real estate investment will provide you access to the world’s best opportunities.

How much time does processing take?

The processing time for Turkey Citizenship by Investment is frequent. It takes 90-120 days to complete the process including due diligence and approvals from authorities. This is the minimum processing time any citizenship program offers. Also, if you are eligible and have no criminal history, you are all set to make the biggest move of your life. People have this assumption that the immigration process is long and hectic but in reality, relocation to some countries is easier and faster than your expectations.

Benefits of Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations and tourism has given a major boost to the country’s economy. Economic stability is one of the major attractions for investors for relocation with family. Turkey Citizenship by Investment offers the following great perks to its citizens:

Turkish 2nd Passport

Freedom of Global Mobility

One of the reasons why investors looking for a second passport is the freedom to travel. With a Turkish passport, you will be eligible to travel to 111+ countries visa-free. You can easily book a ticket and travel anywhere in the world. There’s no hassle or fear of visa rejection with a strong second passport.

No Residency Requirement

Most citizenship schemes require you to stay in the country or travel while the process is being done. To get Turkey Citizenship by Investment, you do not need to reside o travel to the country. You can get your passport by sitting at your home. 

Best Lifestyle Opportunities

As a Turkish citizen, the world will be open to you. You can get access to the best education and healthcare facilities. After the pandemic, family health has become one of the biggest concerns for everyone. Having a strong 2nd citizenship will make everything easier for you. 


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