European Residency by Investment Programs leading to Citizenship

Residency by Investment

This blog is specifically targetting people who want to relocate to Europe with family. Similarly, people who are looking for residency options that are fast and verified without any risk. Europe is a hub of opportunities but seems like a destination that is not easily accessible. In this blog, we want you to give an outlook of all the options you can go for without any fear. Also, Residency by Investment is one of the most reliable ways to relocate and start living in Europe. By investment here we mean Real Estate Investment in one of the most stable economies of Europe.

Residency by Investment

Residency is a process of attaining resident status by investing in real estate. By investing in real estate to get a Permanent Residency in Europe, you will get a chance to relocate and expand your business. Your children will be allowed to study in the best European Institutions with a guaranteed future. Also, you will get direct access to healthcare facilities in Europe. Most European Countries offer medical cards to their residents so they can get access to free or low-cost healthcare facilities.

Basically, once investors along with their family get permanent residency by investment, they have a bright chance to get citizenship. The duration of getting citizenship after residency varies from country to country. For countries like Portugal and Greece, after 5 years you will get citizenship. But If you are opting for Spain, Cyprus, or Malta, the residency tenure can extend to 10 years as well.

European Countries offering Residency by Investment

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What is the Investment Amount to get Residency by Investment?

There are a lot of investment options and the investment budget varies from country to country. Similarly, the investment amount starts from EUR 280,000. This is the minimum real estate investment for the countryside areas of Portugal.

Whereas, if you want to buy commercial properties in Lisbon or Porto, you will be needing EUR 350,000 to EUR 500,000.

For Spain, the investors need to make an investment of EUR 500,000 in real estate and you will get the PR in 30 days.

Moreover, in Cyprus, you have options to make a donation or to purchase a property. Property purchase options start with EUR 300,000.

Greece offers permanent residency with a minimum investment of EUR 250,000 with very fast and easy processing.

In addition, Malta offers two options. One option is to rent a property with EUR 150,000 and the other option is to purchase real estate property with EUR 300,000.

Is there a possibility of not getting citizenship after residency?

This is a very frequent question from our clients who take interest in European residency by investment. To clear your confusion, we can proudly say that our success rate to this date is 100%. All the clients in the past who got permanent residency are now citizens of the country. Similarly, if you successfully sustain the real estate property for the given duration of 5 or 10 years, there is zero possibility of not getting citizenship. The property will keep giving you rental benefits during the residency tenure and once you get citizenship, you can sell the property as well.