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Investor Visa

USA E2 Visa – Relocate to a Bigger Economy

E2 Investor Visa was introduced for foreign investors to get a visa that will allow them to live and work in the USA along with their immediate family. Remember that USA E2 Visa is a non-immigrant visa. The investors must need to establish a commercial enterprise to make a living for their family being a resident of the USA. The main applicant will make a substantial investment in an actively existing commercial business to be eligible for the E2 visa program. The business you will start there must maintain an economic flow. There is no fixed investment amount for USA E2 Visa, it depends on the business model. The investment amount will go through a legal money trail and then the process will be started. 

Eligibility Requirements for USA E2 Visa

  • It is a must for an E2 Visa applicant to be from a national country that has a navigation & commerce treaty with the USA.
  • Another requirement is that the applicant must be able to make a substantial investment in a US-based enterprise.
  • The applicant has directed or developed the investment enterprise or has a 51% of the ownership of the existing enterprise in the USA.
    The applicant must have a high net worth and the ability to own or manage an established business.

Why Choose USA E2 Visa?

1. Investors can establish a proposed business in the USA

2. Spouse of the Investor can get a temporary work permit

3. Children under the age of 21 can attend schools with an E-2 dependent visa

4. Investment amount is convenient with additional benefits

5. Issuance of visa within a year

6. Investors are eligible to get a visa extension of 2 years

7. Access to the world’s best education & healthcare system

8. Applicant will be eligible to apply for EB-5 under certain circumstances


Can you apply for USA E2 Visa directly from the USA?

Yes, you can, there are two options. Option one is a Change of status where you can just apply for a USA E2 Visa during your stay in the USA. You can also apply for Consular Processing by sitting in your own country.

What is the difference between a Change of Status and Consular Processing?

In return for COS, you will get 2 years visa and you can get an extension but if you go for consular processing, you will get a visa for 5 years and after that, you can 2 years extension for a lifetime.

Will USA E2 Visa lead to Green Card?

No, USA E2 is a non-immigrant visa and it will not direct you to a green card. You can convert your E2 visa to an EB5 visa if eligible and that will take you toward a green card.

Can the spouse of the applicant work in the USA?

Yes, the spouse will get the work authorization and can work anywhere in the USA.

Which Business can Qualify for USA E2 Visa?

Any business where the economic flow is frequent can qualify for an E2 visa. Restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores are some best options.

With USA E-2 Visa, will you get free education and medical insurance?

Your children’s education till high school will be free and you can get medical insurance for your family under E2 Visa.

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