Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship to Ensure Your Family’s Future

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A few years back, people cannot imagine holding dual citizenship as the idea used to be associated with the rich part of society only. As globalization starts to occur, traveling and shifting to another country become convenient. Many people are interested to explore the options for the easiest countries to get citizenship. The idea of holding a second passport doesn’t seem real in past but now, it has become very fast and expedient to have dual citizenship. Having Dual citizenship opens the door of countless opportunities for you and gives you an assurance of a secure and stable future.

Living in a country like Pakistan which has a passport that allows visa-free travel to only 30 countries, having a second passport is always a great idea. People who love traveling can get easy and visa-free access to more than 150 countries with a second passport including the European, Caribbean, and Schengen region. Global mobility is one factor that attracts people to get look for the easiest countries to get dual citizenship.

Why Investors are looking for a Plan B amid COVID’19?

The year 2020 has been a tough year for everyone personally and professionally. Every business industry has seen an unexpected downfall and this sudden fall became a reason why investors are more inclined towards a second passport. Dual Citizenship gives you an assurance of a secure future in case of any economic or political instability in your currently residing country. Meanwhile, everything was falling apart due to the COVID’19 outbreak. People were eager to explore the options for the fastest and easiest countries to get citizenship.

Here we will discuss all the possible ways to get a second passport. Also, we will be discussing the options for the easiest countries to get citizenship in Europe, the Caribbean, and Schengen region. Similarly, in this article, we will also discuss the benefits of dual citizenship and how getting a second passport can be the smartest decision to change your life.

Best Ways to get Citizenship or Residency

There are multiple ways for an individual and a family to move forward in a foreign country for better opportunities. We are here mentioning some options which are a top priority for people looking for easiest countries to get citizenship.

Citizenship by Investment

The topmost option is Citizenship by Investment. People who have a high net worth in their own country can go for this option. In this, Investors will explore their options and invest in the Real Estate of a country of their own choice. Many of the Caribbean and European countries are having very successful Citizenship by Investment Programs for years. All these countries are offering countless opportunities for investors with minimum residency requirements and great visa-free access to travel.  

Residency by Investment

This option is for people who are interested to invest in real estate. But by acquiring residency, one cannot be considered as a legal citizen of the country. Residency by Investment option also offers a lot of benefits and some countries have this option to convert the residency into citizenship after a certain duration.

Skilled Immigration

This option is best for highly skilled professionals who have a handful of experience on their end and wants to explore more relevant options for their professional growth. This option is offered by very limited countries including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But all these countries have a super stable economy with countless facilities related to education and healthcare.

Easiest countries to get dual citizenship in Caribbean Region


Before discussing any of the benefits and facilities, Let us tell you that Dominica has ranked no.1 Citizenship by Investment Program in CBI Index for consecutive 4 years. Dominica has maintained its legacy by making its CBI program super-fast and accessible to the majority. Dominica is a very magnificent place to live and the country’s economy is constantly growing.

Additionally, Dominica offers two citizenship pathways for the investors. One is Real Estate Investment starting from $220,000 in a highly credible project named Tranquility Beach Hilton Hotel. This is a government-approved project and the construction is continued. The real estate investment amount is refundable after three years of getting citizenship. The other option is making a contribution of $100,000 in a government fund and gets citizenship in a return. This donation amount is non-refundable.

Dominica citizenship by Investment Program has the fastest process route of 90 days only which means the applicant and dependents are eligible as Dominican citizens just in three months. Therefore, this second passport has great worth and offers visa-free traveling to more than 141+ countries around the world. Also, Dominica offers a great relief on taxation.

Dominica made some recent changes in their CBI program and now they are considering siblings of the main applicant and of the spouse, legally adopted children, mentally & physically alleged children, and grandparents of the main applicant & of the spouse as dependents as well. Moreover, this great move is proving very favorable for the program as people are taking more interest now.

Antigua & Barbuda

The country with a much-squeezed population of 80,000 people is one of the most beautiful destinations around the world. It consists of two islands located in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Antigua & Barbuda has the most splendid beaches with very clear weather conditions.

Investors have multiple options to become a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda. One is the donation option which means investors will make a contribution of $100,000 to the national development fund by the government for the betterment of the country’s economy. This amount is nonrefundable.

The other investment option is making a real estate property purchase of value $200,000 in any of the government-approved property projects. The amount is refundable after 5 years of being a citizen in the country.

The third option is to invest $1,500,000 in an established business or to get into a joint business partnership with an amount of $5,000,000.

The processing time for the citizenship by investment process is 90 days and requires no residency. There is no tax on worldwide income if you are a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda. In addition, you are allowed to travel to more than 130+ countries visa-free.

St. Lucia

Looking at the successful CBI Programs around the region, St. Lucia came up with its own citizenship by investment program. The program was established for the investors who are interested to experience the country’s extremely rich culture and have a very fast-growing economy.

St. Lucia offers maximum options for the investors to opt from and become a citizen in 90 days. The first option is a real estate investment worth the value of $300,000. The applicant requires to make a property purchase of this amount and after 5 years, the applicant has the option to sell it.

Secondly, there is a donation option for applicants valuing $100,000. This amount is for the main applicant only. If you are married or have children, there are additional costs for each dependent adding to the application. The donation amount is non-refundable and goes to a national fund for the economic enhancement of the country.

Thirdly, the option is to invest $500,000 in government bonds and become a citizen of St. Lucia just in 3 months. The last option is to make an investment of $ 3.5 Million to $ 6 Million in an enterprise and become a citizen of the country with your family. This enterprise can be anything including restaurants, ports, or research projects.

St. Lucia is very stable politically and economically which makes it easy for investors to spend their money with guaranteed rewards. This second passport offers you visa-free access to 120+ countries and has a direct air travel facility to & from Canada, UK, the USA, and entire Europe.

St. Kitts & Nevis

To get access to a lifetime citizen in a country like St. Kitts & Nevis, you’ll be needing 4 months only. However, St. Kitts has one of the most reliable and oldest citizenship by investment program. The second passport of St. Kitts & Nevis offers visa-free travel to 156+ countries including the European region.

Although, There are multiple investment options offered by St. Kitts CBI Program to get citizenship in 4 months. Firstly, the main applicant is required to make a real estate investment of USD 200,000 in the government-approved project. This amount is refundable after 5 years. Secondly, there is a donation option by making a contribution to a sustainable growth fund by the government. The donation amount is USD 150,000 for a single applicant.

St. Kitts & Nevis is a commonwealth member and has some certain privileges to work and stay in the UK and other Commonwealth member states. The passport of St. Kitts issues is an E-passport and is valid for 10 years. It requires no residency during the citizenship process and there is a great relief on taxation on worldwide income.


Grenada is a very colorful and culturally rich country. The economic situation of the country is very stable and on its growth path. Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programs was initiated in 2013 and since then, many families got approval and become citizens of Grenada.

Basically, Grenada has a processing track of 4 to 6 months and offers visa-free travel to 130+ countries including UK, Russia, China, and Schengen countries. Moreover, the best thing about being a citizen of Grenada is that under its E-2 treaty with the US, applicants are eligible to work and live in the USA under certain terms and conditions.

You can become Grenadian Citizenship by investing $220,000 in real estate. The amount will vary with the addition of dependents to the application. The real estate investment amount is refundable and the property can be sold after 5 years. There is no requirement such as interviews or any assessment tests to qualify for this Citizenship by Investment Program.

Easiest European Countries to Get Citizenship after Residency

European Region has always been the biggest attraction to the world. People love to explore this huge beautiful region and what can be better than exploring it as a citizen or resident. However, there are multiple countries offering residency by investment option leading to citizenship for investors with a high net worth in their currently residing country. We’re sharing our top picks with you which are highly in demand.

UK Sole Representative Visa Program

Basically, people who are in high positions in an internationally recognized firm in their home country and are interested to initiate a startup in the UK are eligible for this Visa. UK visa isn’t affordable but investing in this visa can give you huge unexpected returns.

Although, People from other countries who are in higher ranks in some recognized organization of their own country are eligible for this visa. Similarly, these organizations must have the intention to start setup in the UK. Therefore, having a sole representative visa enforces the applicants to start a business in the UK or to initiate a branch of their previously existing business in the country.

There’s no initial investment required for the UK Sole Representative Visa as this is the responsibility of the parent company. Also, after getting a sole representative visa, your spouse is eligible to work in the region.

Portugal Golden Visa

This is one of the most demanding programs in Europe. When anyone looks for European Countries to get Citizenship options, Portugal is the prior most country to move forward. The real estate investment starts from €280,000 and within 6 months, applicants can get residency which will get mature with time. Portugal has no residency requirement.

Although, it connects you to the best educational institutes and healthcare facilities in the European region. Portugal Golden Visa gives you a chance to explore the entire Schengen and European region visa-free. You can avail Portuguese golden visa by multiple investment options. There are three major options:

  • Investment of €280,000 in the industry of art, reconstruction, and refurbished regional areas
  • A minimum value investment of €350,000 in old properties in Lisbon & Porto
  • Investment of amount €500,000 to purchase properties in Lisbon and Porto (Valid till December 2021)

Spain Golden Visa

If we call Spain a dream country to live in, it wouldn’t be wrong. Spain is a hub of business opportunities, education, and luxury lifestyle. Spain has introduced its Golden Visa Program in 2013 but the program has recently gained a lot of hype because of the benefits it is offering. Similarly, the most significant feature of this Program is the 14 days processing track which is the fastest immigration route ever.

The applicant needs to make an investment of €500,000 in real estate to become able to get Spanish Golden Visa. Spain has a strict set of rules to pursue the residency permit as it requires a stay of 182 days from the applicant every year and during this stay, the applicant will be staying as a non-tax resident. Also, it is compulsory for the applicant to be physically present in Spain during the application process.

To explore the detailed breakdown of the processing fees, visit our website https://saadahsan.com/spanish-golden-visa-by-investment/.

Most Affordable and Easiest Country to Get Citizenship

Apart from lots of options in the Caribbean and Europe, there is one more country that offers the most economical and fastest process to get citizenship by Investment.

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Vanuatu is a small island located in the oceans of the pacific. The population size is small but the economic growth of Vanuatu is really impressive over time. Initially, in 1990, they have introduced some immigration programs which did not work well. They kept it on hold and then make some improvements and worked on the betterment of the program. In March 2017, Vanuatu started its Real estate investment program in collaboration with Vanuatu Development Support Program (VDRP).

Vanuatu is offering citizenship for just $130,000 in just 35 days. Also, the additional fees for dependents are also very reasonable. This second passport allows you visa-free access to 129+ countries including Russia, the UK, Ireland, and the entire European region. Moreover, Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program has seen a great boost from 2019 till this day and many people are opting for a second passport of Vanuatu for the whole family as it is a very secure country to move in.

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