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Dominica Passport

There are hundreds of destinations around the globe, beautiful but still unexplored. Dominica was just one of those hidden gems a few years back. People have no idea how magnificent the Caribbean region is. In the late ’90s, tourism towards the Caribbean region made its way. The region is Nature Haven for people who love blue sandy beaches and tall tropical trees surrounded by huge sandy mountains. Dominica is No.1 2nd Passport in CBI ranking for the 5th time in a row. In 1993, the Dominican government took this initiative to start citizenship by investment, we are sure they didn’t expect it to be this successful. But we truly appreciate the efforts of Dominica as a country to become progressive and stable enough to top the list of Best CBI Programs around the world.

No.1 2nd Passport in CBI Index 2021

When we use the term “Best 2nd Passport”, it comes with a huge responsibility to justify what makes it best. When our clients ask us to suggest to them the best country to get citizenship and we tell them about No.1 2nd Passport, Dominica, there are multiple factors we are keeping in mind. Some major factors are the country’s economic situation, political ideology & relations with neighboring counties. Another very important factor is the value of a passport and the visa-free travel it offers. Visa-free traveling is a prime concern for high net-worth individuals. For people who are planning to expand their business abroad, freedom of mobility is very important. COVID’19 outbreak has affected all the businesses and now people want an instant Plan B.

The only reliable plan B is 2nd passport. Some people take citizenship to secure their family’s future in terms of better healthcare & education. Moreover, getting new citizenship doesn’t demand you to abolish your current nationality.

Factors behind ranking Dominica as No.1 2nd Passport in CBI Index

From 2020 to date, this whole duration is considered as a prime time for Citizenship by Investment Programs. Every country has made major reforms in its CBI schemes during the last 1.5 years. Some CBI nations are working on making their due diligence processes easy to attract more investors. In this article, we are sharing a list of major factors that makes any citizenship by investment program best for foreign investors.

Citizenship Timeline

If you are applying for a 2nd passport for the very first time, you will think that it’s a lengthy process. Especially, when we say No.1 2nd passport, you automatically make your mind for time taking process and delays. But to your surprise, getting a 2nd passport is a matter of days now. Dominica Citizenship by Investment is one of the fastest processing programs. You can become a Dominican citizen in just 90 days. In case of any delay, this duration can go to 120 days but most of our clients have received their passports in 90 days only.

Economic Stability

If you are planning to get a Dominica passport, one of your biggest preferences would be the country’s economy. Dominica is an island country, not very commercial, and a huge name in the trading world. But Dominica definitely has a very stable economy and its currency is considered to be valuable all around the globe. Agriculture, Foresting, and Fishing are some major sources of economic growth in Dominica. A new airport and university are being built in the country to boost their economic situation. The overall worth and lifestyle in Dominica are very high-end and equivalent to many developed countries. Dominica also has a very low taxation rate on overall wealth and income which helps citizens to save a huge part of their assets for future generations.

Living Standards

According to UN Human Index, a country’s living standards are based on 4 factors including expectancy, education, safety, and economy. Dominica doesn’t only have a very calm and close-to-nature vibe but also a very safe country. The crime rate in Dominica is very low and the life expectancy rate is also getting better over years. We have already discussed the economic factor. Moreover, educational reforms are on the top of the priority list for the government of Dominica. The government is working really hard to reach the international standards of education. But having a Dominican passport will make you able to get access to quality education all around the globe because it is one of the strongest passports.

Investment Amount

It is a very important factor for a CBI program to be popular among the masses. Dominican 2nd Passport offers multiple investment options for foreign investors. The budget starts from $100,000 which is obviously the donation amount and is non-refundable. But if we look into real estate investment, the budget starts from $220,000 which is comparatively affordable if you are a high net worth individual with a constantly growing business. Similarly, the investment amount is refundable with a guaranteed return on investment. Also, adding your family members to the same application is very convenient and budget-friendly. Your children, spouse, parents, grandparents, and siblings all are eligible to become dependent on a very low additional fee. The program doesn’t only cater to the family of the applicant but of the spouse as well.

Residency Requirements

If you are a businessman and looking for a 2nd passport, it wouldn’t be easy for you to leave your business alone and visit the host country during the process. In this regard, Dominica is the best choice as there is no residency requirement. You do not need to travel during or after the process. Your 2nd passport will arrive on your doorstep. This is not only an economical but a time-saving option as well. There are European countries that require stay and traveling to the country during the process. It doesn’t only disturb your business but also distant you from your family for long intervals. Keeping the benefits in the head for both European residency and Caribbean citizenship, the best practical decision is to go for citizenship. And then choose the best citizenship for your family’s future, the No.1 2nd Passport, Dominica.

Freedom of Mobility

The worth of a passport depends on the number of countries for visa-free traveling. Do you know the total count of countries in the world? Let us tell you, as per 2021 reports there are 197 countries in the world. 193 of them are UN member states and the other 4 aren’t UN members. If you get a Dominican passport, you have the access to visa-free traveling to 145+ countries including UK, Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It is expected that by end of September, there will be 6 new countries adding up to this list including China, Russia, UAE, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and South Africa. If this is actually going to happen, Dominica will get great benefits from it as trading between the borders get easier and faster specifically with China & UAE.

Other than this, freedom of global mobility is also very important for business purposes. If you want to expand your business internationally, you must have a passport for frequent traveling. Waiting and delaying in visa processing is super hectic and a Dominican passport will save you from all this.

Ease in Due Diligence

Due Diligence Check is a very important factor as it evaluates the transparency and authenticity of the program and of the participant as well. Your application has a high chance of rejection if all your documents aren’t approved by due diligence authorities. Case approval is not possible without strict internal and external due diligence checks. For Dominica Citizenship by Investment, the process is undoubtedly strict but it is faster than any other country. The authorities don’t make unnecessary delays. Once they receive the documents, they start verifications instantly and get done with the process on priority.

Credibility of Citizenship

Dominica Citizenship by Investment is one of the oldest CBI programs operating for more than 20 years now. In all these years, the country is constantly working on getting better in every aspect. Now if you want to ask how do we measure the credibility of a program. The first thing is how old and sustainable it is. There are so many CBI programs that couldn’t make it to 5 or 10 years and ends because of certain circumstances. Dominica Passport by Investment has faced hurdles but the program never stops. The next thing is how popular the program is so if we only talk about 2021, Maximum applicants went for Dominican citizenship instead of any other program. It is quite popular all around the globe. And another factor is how this is going to benefit upcoming generations. Dominican Real Estate has shown great growth over time. The next few years will be best for Caribbean Region so this is very visible that your future generations are going to get the benefit from this wise decision you make today.

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