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Dominica- The Best Ever Citizenship by Investment Program

Dominica citizenship investment – Obtaining dual citizenship is possibly the top expensive and tedious. Consequently, if one wants the best choice of living and rich outdoor activities grabbing citizenship by investment is by far the best possible choice.

This program is launched in 1933 and took popularity in just 20 years. Unquestionably, the Commonwealth of Dominica’s second passport is the most beneficial and cheap citizenship by investment alternative accessible for individuals, families, and couples.

Quick Overview About Dominica Second Passport

If you are looking for the best dual citizenship, at that point this one gives you benefits equivalent to the most costly Caribbean alternative. Or in the event that you do plan to live on Dominica, their property investment is affordable as compared to any Caribbean program.

Looking into the past the successful citizenship cases of Dominica citizenship were 185 in 2013.

The number multiplied to 2,059 cases in 2018 which is a huge increase. Moreover, this CBI program includes 1500 plus EDF donation routes and 2059 CBI applications. To make the CBI scheme fully transparent, this data is share officially by the Government of Dominica. In all honesty, the reason behind includes various perks coming with this immigration program.

Quick Facts about Dominica Citizenship by investment program

An agreement between Dominica and the European Union is signed on 28 May 2015.

The Schengen visa agreement results in a visible jump in popularity of this CBI program.

  • The short investment period of 3 years is a must if one invests in real estate.
  • EDF fund donation route results in generating up to $150m in 2018.
  • Real estate investment route results in making up to $100m in 2018.
  • Providing visa-free travel access to over 137 countries, the passport is powerful enough to consider.
  • Best economical solution for high net investors with donation amount starting from $100,000
  • The most affordable Caribbean citizenship by investment program is just in a matter of 90 days
  • The Dominica second passport is for a lifetime.dominica citizenship investment

GDP Percentage change with the help of Dominica Second Passport by Investment

The majority of the GDP of the island was damaged due to hurricanes and storms in the past years. In all honesty, this results in negative GDP growth for the country. Since then, Dominica citizenship by investment program and the funds coming from it plays a main role in the development and betterment of economy and GDP. Moreover, this negative GDP turned into positive growth due to the CBI program.

Utilization of CBI funds

Instead of using CBI funds randomly or in a single sector, the government is employing the CBI funds effectively in all sectors and projects. Particularly majority of the CBI funds are being used in disaster risk reduction and for construction of home totaling 65% in total. 11.2% of CBI funds are utilizing in commerce/micro business. Similarly, the other 8.2% are for construction and repair of the roads and bridges. Accordingly, rests of the funds need to keep for electricity, tourism, health, and culture! Click For more Citizenship program

Development of Tourism in Dominica

The island is popular for the eye-catching natural scenes and a blend of rainforests. Therefore, to develop the tourism sector in Dominica, CBI funds are playing a major role.

These hotels are in the construction phase including:

Tranquility beach resort- the target completion year is 2021 and 73 rooms will be included in it.

Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski- this magnificent hotel will be completed until 2019 including tennis courts, 3 restaurants, and a spa.

Secret Bay Residences- an extension of villas is set to be made in Secret Bay Residences. The estimated completion year is 2021.

Finally, Aichi Resort- the completion year is set to be 2020 including spa and 2 swimming pools with 200 above rooms.

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