Cyprus Golden Passport – 2nd Most Demanding Passport During World Pandemic

Cyprus CBI Programme – A popular & secure investment option for future during World Pandemic

Cyprus is one of the strongest passports around the EU region. It offers the best investment options for people who want to secure their family’s future. You can achieve all this by providing them with the best living experience. The investment amount for the Cyprus Golden Passport starts from €300,000. The applicant is required to purchase a real estate property and maintain the amount in the initial years of residency.

What’s new in the policy?

The government of Cyprus is taking measures to make the citizenship by investment program convenient. In addition, they are making it more secure to attract investors to invest in the country. Similarly, Keeping a track of all the efforts by the Cypriot government, Cyprus is now the 2nd most popular choice for investors. Especially during the times of this global pandemic. In comparison to last year, in the first quarter of 2020, an increase of 75% in applications is seen.

Basically, some recent reports prove that people with a great net worth are more interested in immigration. People in their existing countries are taking interest to get a second passport for a better and secure future post-pandemic. Citizenship by Investment program by Cyprus is a priority for investors now. The Cypriot government recorded an estimated surge of 142% against the CBI program.

How COVID’19 affect the program?

The world pandemic has affected the world’s economy and every country is facing economic instability to some extent. Therefore, the Cypriot government observed the needs of people who have resources to invest. Similarly, they are eager to take steps to make it helpful in sustaining the economy for the coming years. According to verified resources, the agenda behind making the process fast and easy is to witness rapid growth in the applications to deal with the economic backdrop amid COVID’19.

Once for all, The fast processing time of 60 days and the lifestyle Cyprus offer, Elites are taking interest to initiate applications for Cyprus Golden Passport. Cypriot golden passport offers visa-free movement to the entire EU region. It gives a huge relief in taxation for the residents. The commendable healthcare facilities and the strategies to cope with world pandemic make Cyprus a go-to second passport for riches.

Cyprus Golden Passport has some strict rules in the past.  The government makes them flexible to see the interest of investors in the Cypriot economy. The fast processing time was a perk already for applicants to go for Cyprus Golden Passport but the world pandemic is increasing the demand way too much. After getting constant negative feedback on the Cypriot scheme, the Government of Cyprus has laid down some rules and make this investment program more convenient.