Cyprus Citizenship by Investment – Second Passport Program

Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

Cyprus Citizenship By Investment Program

Cyprus Citizenship By Investment: The Republic of Cyprus is an Island country around the Eastern Mediterranean. It happens to be the third largest and most populated country in the Mediterranean. It is surrounded by Israel on the northwest, Egypt on the north, Greece on the southeast and turkey to the south.

Why EU Cyprus?

You might ask yourself the multi million dollar question ‘Of all the countries of the world, why should I decide to become a citizen of Cyprus? Cyprus is one of the best choices  for investors who seek a Second Passport can make when it comes to the issue of Citizenship by Investment. Also you get to travel to about 163 countries without a visa and you also get the right to work, study in any of the EU countries.

Benefits for EU Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

• Capital Gains – 0% or 20% depending on source
No Inheritance Tax
No Wealth Tax

• Free Estate Duty Tax
Double Tax Treaties with more than 50 Countries
Low barrier of entry for business start-ups

Qualification EU Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

For you to become a Cyprus Citizen, you have to meet up with the following criteria’s.

• Be in possession of a valid passport.
Have no current or previous criminal records.
Must, first of all, be a resident of Cyprus?

• Must own a private property in Cyprus which is worth nothing less than €500,000, VAT inclusive.
• Such an applicant should not be the owner of any property that is frozen with the European Union’s jurisdiction.

Invest Option for Cyprus Citizenship By Investment:

  • Real Estate

Minimum Financial Requirements:

  • Investment of  €1.500.000 + VAT  on Residential Properties


  • €2.000.000 + VAT on – Commercial Properties
  • and/or      – Commercial & Residential Properties
  • and/or      – Company Shares
  • Purchase of €500.000 + VAT on Residential Property

Important note:

You may sell your investment

(€1,500,000) 3 years after

Therefore, long term investment for gaining European Citizenship is only €500,000

Approval in 90 days from application date

Investing in Cypriot Business:

  • €2.5 million: The second option through which you can become a citizen of Cyprus is through investing.
  • Euro 2.5 million or more in Cypriot business or companies.


  • Approval time 3 Months
  • Fastest Citizenship program of Europe
  • No physical residence required
  • Visa-free travel over 169 countries

Processing time:

Processing time takes about 3 months.

Minimum Residency:

No minimum Residency required

Visa free countries:

157 countries.