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Cyprus is one of the uprising markets in Europe with ample opportunities in business and real estate investments. Cyprus Residency or Citizenship programs by investment are the product in demand if you are looking for European citizenship or a second passport for you and your children. It gives you full rights to live and work in any EU country.

Program for Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

Cyprus Citizenship By Investment – Cyprus offers individuals an opportunity to become second citizens by offering citizenship by investment program. To become a citizen of Cyprus through investment, you have to make a tangible commitment to the government and economy of Cyprus through good investments in the country. The Cyprus passport is seen by many as one of the easiest Cyprus citizenship by investment programs in Europe. This is due to the non-complex nature of the program when compared to that of other European countries.
Once you have the required amount to invest, gaining citizenship is as simple as ABC in Cyprus.

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Eligibility Requirement for Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

To qualify for Cyprus Second Passport, applicants must fulfill one of the Cyprus investment options below in addition to meeting the following criteria:

  • Be of outstanding character.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Have excellent health.
  • Have a high personal net worth.
  • Reside with the family members who are included in the application in the country for a minimum of 35 days within a period of five years.

You can become a citizen of Cyprus through the following criteria:

1. Get Cypriot Second Passport by Investment in Residential Real Estate

To become a citizen of Cyprus, you have to make an investment worth over 2 million Euros plus a donation of 150,000 Euros. This investment route is available for the residential real estate and must be kept for 5 years. This can be sold after 5 years to release your capital however applicant must hold real estate with a minimum value of 500,000 Euros.

2. Cyprus Commercial Real Estate Investment

One of the avenues by which you can become a citizen of Cyprus is by investing in Cyprus commercial real estate projects and an investment worth over 2.5 million Euros plus a donation of 150,000 Euros must be made. All you have to do is make an investment in commercial real estate and this investment must be kept for a period of 5 years. This route also requires the applicant to hold real estate with a minimum value of 500,000 Euros to retain citizenship.

Cyprus Permanent Residency

Get an Easy Access within the EU:
Eligibility requirements

Purchase a property a house, an apartment or any other building in Cyprus for €300,000. The immigration permit also covers spouse and children under 18 years. However the financially dependent children from 18-25 years can also be added in the permit.

  • Get the Residency card within two months through the fast-track process.
  • Covers the whole family including dependents and parents of the applicant and his/her spouse.
  • Visa free travel across the European Union.
  • Access to high quality healthcare and education system.
  • Leads to Cyprus citizenship.

Cyprus Citizenship

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