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Who says money can’t buy happiness? Having a second passport is no less than happiness

In Countries Offering Golden Visa Portugal Citizenship By Investment is on top

Countries Offering Golden Visa – The individuals with high net worth are not just spending their money on supersonic transport and hotels. But they are also spending their money on citizenship by investment program. Portugal citizenship by investment program lets you get the second passport. Having a second passport of a country other than your home country lets you enjoy dual citizenship. Permanent residence by investment countries will be issued after a certain time period.

Having a second passport is surely a boon for people. Let us take a look at how Portugal citizenship by investment is a boon for whosoever invests in it:

  • Can enjoy the access to 130 + European countries
  • kids can get the quality education
  • Live and work in Portugal
  • visa-free access to a number of countries
  • hassle free vacationing as there will be no need to get the visa before traveling

Let’s have a look on Portugal citizenship by investment process:

  • Visa will be valid for one year at the initial stage and can be renewed after two years.

Let’s have the look on investment option that is involved in Portugal citizenship by investment program:

  1. Property Investment Options

  • Applicants may acquire property valued at €500,000 or more, or
  • Applicants may acquire property valued at €350,000 or more for properties more than 30 years old or located in urban regeneration areas designated for refurbishing, or
  • Acquisition of property fitting any of the above requirements with 20% reduction on the minimum amount of investment, if purchased on a low-density population area (€400,000.00 or €280,000.00).
  1. Capital Investment
  • Invest a minimum of €350,000 in research activities.
  • Applicants may invest a minimum of €250,000 in the arts or in the reconstruction or refurbishment of national heritage projects.
  • Applicants may invest a minimum of €500,000 for shares in investment funds or venture capital.

Greece Citizenship by investment

Greece is not only the top tourist place, but it is also becoming another great opportunity for the foreign investment program. It is one of those countries that offer citizenship by investment. Greece is one of those countries that offer permanent residence by investment.

Let us have a look at the program information of Greece citizenship by investment:

  • An applicant can enjoy a visa-free access across the Schengen Zone
  • The applicant doesn’t have to live in Greece while the processing of the application
  • The applicant can apply for citizenship after seven years

Let us have a look at the boons of Greece citizenship by investment:

  • It just takes 2 months to get the residency permit, yes you have read it write it just takes two months
  • Your children can study in any university in a European country with a low tuition fees
  • You can get a PR in a low cost

The investment options for Greece citizenship by investment are mentioned below:

  1. Property Purchase

One may opt to purchase the property at a minimum value of €250,000 in any part of the country be it mainland Greece, as well as the surrounding islands. Both residential and commercial buildings are eligible.

  1. Timeshare Agreement

Applicants may also proceed to sign a 10-year time-share agreement, provided the minimum value of the lease is €250,000.

  1. Investment in a plot of land

A third option is an investment in a plot of land, provided that the cumulative value of the land purchase and the contract with the construction company is €250,000.

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