Comparison Between EU & Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Comparison Between EU and Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Do you go through the stress of applying for visas?

Be ready for availing of ample business possibilities?

Are you questioned at immigration due to your current citizenship?

Want to get a secure future for yourself or family?

Do you work hard but pay taxes on your worldwide income?

EU and Caribbean citizenship by investment programs offer you the chance to lawfully gain another citizenship rapidly. Indeed it is the absence of burdensome regular visa method and waiting time.

Why attaining EU and Caribbean citizenship by investment?

EU & Caribbean Citizenship by Investment: The benefits of holding 2nd citizenship are noteworthy. In the event that you need to relieve dangers and shield your riches, consider it. You can set up organizations, open international bank accounts and extend ventures globally under your citizenship. Moreover, it encourages you to accomplish security if your nation of origin is unsteady. Honestly go for it if you love to move openly around the world. Moreover, having a second passport ensures the present and eventual destiny of your family.

To tell the truth, there are various other reasons to get 2nd passport however before shedding light on them, one must be aware of EU and Caribbean citizenship by investment. Certainly, these programs are taking the lead among all the CBI schemes.

Caribbean Citizenship by investment

The countries under the Caribbean offer safe havens to live therefore many people consider its citizenship as a scam. Although this is just another myth! The citizenship status is available for the financial stable person. Besides no need for the establishment and conducting business ventures abroad makes it a target of many!

Caribbean programs include:

  • Dominica Citizenship by Investment
  • Grenada 2nd passport
  • Antigua & Barbuda 2nd citizenship
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis citizenship scheme
  • Saint Lucia second passportEU & Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Comparison Among Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

Here we are talking about USD $

CountriesInvestment (Donation)Investment (Real Estate)Processing TimeVisa-Free TravelResidence ConditionsPassport ValidityInterview RequirementDependent ChildrenDependent Parents
Commonwealth of Dominica$100,000$200,0003 Months135 (Including China, EU & Schengen)NoFor adults 10 years & children 5 yearsNoUp to 30 YearsYes above 55 Years of age
Grenada$150,000$350,0004-6 Months124 (Including EU & Schengen)No5 yearsNoUp to 30 YearsYes above 55 Years & dependent on main applicant
Antigua & Barbuda$100,000$400,000
3 Months136 (Including EU & Schengen)To spend 5 days in the country during citizenship5 yearsNoUp to 28 yearsYes above 58 Years & dependent on main applicant
Saint Kitts & NevisUSD $ 150,000USD $ 200,0004-6 Months


136 (Including EU & Schengen)NoFor adults 10 years & children 5 yearsNoUp to 30 YearsYes above 55 Years of age
Saint LuciaUSD $ 100,000


USD $ 300,0003 Months127 (Including EU & Schengen)NoFor adults 10 years & children 5 yearsNoUp to 25 yearsYes above 65 Years of age living with the main applicant

European Citizenship by investment

European second citizenship has various advantages. Since mobility is a top need for a large portion of the investors investigating gaining second citizenship through one of the European projects, both the right to live and work abroad and that to go without the need of obtaining visa are thought about. Another benefit of EU citizenship is living a high standard of life with a remarkable degree of education and healthcare facilities.

EU programs include:

  • Cyprus citizenship by investment
  • Malta 2nd passport
  • Bulgaria 2nd citizenship

Comparison Among EU Citizenship

CountriesInvestment (Donation)Investment (Real Estate)Processing TimeVisa-Free TravelResidence ConditionsPassport RankInterview RequirementDependent ChildrenDependent Parents
Cyprus___Investment of 2,000,000 in real estate plus the donation of 150,0003-6 months160 countries (including  EU & Schengen)Spend 35 days in a period of 5 years17NoUp to 28 yearsParents

of main applicant

MaltaDonation of € 105,000€ 350,000 investment in real estate


Invest € 150,000 in government bonds

6-8 months165 countries (including  EU & SchengenSpend at least twelve months prior to the issue of a Certificate of Naturalisation.9NoUp to 26 yearsParents


Bulgariainvestment of € 512,00 government bondsInvestment of €1,024000 in government bonds2 or 5 years155 countries (including  EU & Schengen____21noUp to 18 years___

Perks of EU & Caribbean Citizenship

Travel the world without a visa

Global mobility is the dream of business entrepreneurs. However lengthy visa paperwork and waiting time are stressful. Specifically with dual citizenship, one can travel hassle-free to the dream countries including the USA, UK & EU countries.

Whereas if one target is traveling across the globe, Caribbean Citizenship by Investment is a better option among two! Specifically due to less investment amount and visa-free travel access in as low as 3 months.

A New Home

Turning dream destinations into the home are possible with the second passport. Moreover, with the relocation option one have a chance to live the years in a new country or just spending holidays in the new destination.

Want to become part of a new country? Certainly, EU citizenship by Investment is the best thing to do. EU countries are a dream of many and one can avail the opportunity with 2nd passport!

Business Expansion Opportunities in EU & Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

With dual citizenship, you can either start up a new branch of your business in the new country or you can simply start a one. Make the best use of financial resources available or fulfill your dream of business internationalization with it!

Enjoy and benefit from tax benefits offered by both EU & Caribbean countries making them both ideal for making investment and get 2nd passport.

Best Possible Education

Usually, the main goal behind second citizenship is to avail the best education for the children. As for these children can become part of the top universities and colleges, therefore, making dreams work for all!

If one aim is to become part of EU top universities, EU citizenship by investment is the best solution. Find more about Citizenship by Investment