Common Questions before Choosing Dominican 2nd Passport Program

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Relocating to a new country comes up with multiple risks. Real Estate Investment has always been an expensive option and people think twice before making a final move. We all know that living in a country that has a peaceful environment & strong economy is the best option but making the first move is always risky. If you are a businessman with a high net worth in your country & want to expand the business around the world, we have you sorted. Being the pioneers of citizenship by investment in Pakistan, we have come across hundreds of cases. While we make sure to maintain our 100% approval rate, we pay a lot of attention to our every client’s concerns. Dominica 2nd Passport Program is the No.1 citizenship program & we motivate our clients to invest in Dominican Real Estate.

In this blog, we aim to provide you answers to all the possible questions you have in your head. The purpose of compiling these questions is to provide you a guideline for every little detail you want to know. We understand that it is not easy to invest your hard-earned money in a go but let us tell you all the benefits and value of getting a Dominican 2nd Passport. By the end of this article, we hope that you feel satisfied.

About Dominica

Common Wealth of Dominica is a Caribbean island country located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean sea with a mild Mediterranian climate and huge rainforests. Dominica is also named “Nature Isle” for its magnificent mountain ranges and tropical beaches. The total population of Dominica is around 72,000 which doesn’t make it very rushy and nature friendly. Dominica’s economy is majorly dependent on agricultural export. Over time, Dominica’s tourism is also increasing & serving its economy.

What is Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program?

Common Wealth of Dominica initiated its citizenship by investment program in 1993. it is one of the oldest & most trusted citizenship programs. Basically, the government of Dominica brought this scheme to the international market to boost its economy. You can get Dominican citizenship by making a significant investment in the country’s infrastructure. The main goal of this CBI program is to boost the economy and serve the citizens with a luxury lifestyle, the best education, and healthcare facilities.

Who is Eligible to get a Dominican 2nd Passport?

Citizenship by investment programs is for people who have a high net worth in their existing country. An investor can be a businessman from any industry who has a sufficient amount to invest in the Dominican economy to get citizenship for the whole family. You must have a clean criminal background. Also, you should possess great health in order to qualify for Dominica CBI Program.

What are the investment options to get a Dominican 2nd passport?

You can invest in the real estate of Dominica to get citizenship. There are multiple government-approved luxury projects including Hilton Tranquility Beach. You can choose their property and the real estate investment amounts start with $220,000 for a single applicant. This amount is refundable and the applicant can rent out or sell the property after three years. This is one of the best investment options for people who want to get great returns on their investments.

Is there any other option than investment?

Yes, there is another option which is cheaper than the real estate one. You can contribute an amount of $100,000 to the National Development Fund of Dominica and get citizenship as a reward. The donation amount is not refundable but an easy and affordable option to relocating to a secure country.

What is the processing time to get Dominica citizenship by investment?

The best feature of this program is the time duration. Moving to another country seems like an extensive hectic process with delays. But to your surprise, you can get Dominican citizenship in just 90 days. If we look back, most of our clients got their passports at the given time. There is very little chance of any delay if you trust us with your case. From submitting documents to passport arrival, we make sure to serve all your requirements.

Why investing in real estate is a better option?

Be it a real estate investment, be it a donation, you will get your second passport anyway. But we suggest you to make an investment in real estate because it guarantees you great returns. Real estate investment amount will be refundable and you can use it to expand your business or for any other purpose. Amount going to the National Fund is non-refundable and once you contribute it, it doesn’t belong to you anymore. In terms of savings and great benefits, investing in real estate can be expensive but fruitful for your family’s future.

What are the benefits of getting a Dominican 2nd Passport?

There are multiple benefits that you can enjoy if you have a Dominican 2nd passport:

  • There is no requirement to live or travel to Dominica during processing time.
  • Global Mobility towards 141+ countries including UK, Europe, Hong Kong & entire Schengen region.
  • Dominica is a zero-taxation zone and there is no tax on worldwide income or wealth.
  • It will give you direct access to a better lifestyle, quality education, and healthcare.
  • Dominica ranks no.1 in CBI ranking which means the country is economically & politically very stable.
  • Dominican 2nd Passport will ensure you a safe and secure life for your family.
  • Moreover, Dual citizenship is permitted.

Who can be included as dependents?

Citizenship by Investment is one of the fastest and reliable ways to relocate with your family. Dominica is on top of our best 2nd passport list because it covers your whole family. You can include your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, siblings as dependent. Not only this but the family of your spouse can also be included as dependents.

We made sure to address all the concerns an investor can have before deciding to invest in Dominican 2nd passport. But if after reading this article, you are still confused, we are just one call away. Call us and book your appointment today to start your journey towards your dream life.

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