Caribbean Second Passport – Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

Caribbean Second Passport

Caribbean Second Passport Program 2020

The geography of the Caribbean has made it one of the best places to reside in the world and luckily, they provide an opportunity for foreign nationals to become a Caribbean citizen through the second passport program.

Caribbean second passport is a program in which a foreign national acquires Caribbean citizenship and the full right thereof by investing directly in the Government or into a government-approved real estate project. Also, This program requires a process of application that differs from country to country. Likewise, Dominica requires a basic investment of $100,000 and might take a total of 3 to 12 months for your application to be processed and getting your citizenship with other in-country requirements. Also, St. Kitts & Nevis will require a basic investment of at least $250, 000 and a total of 3 to 12 months for your application to be processed and getting your citizenship with other in-country requirements.

Caribbean Second Passport

Best Caribbean Passport

The Caribbean offers a range of passport which its requirement is mainly determined by the country of applicant interest. However, the best Caribbean passport is analyzed through the cost of investment as it defers from country to country and the benefits it provides.

Dominica: The country offers two ways of application (or investment options) which includes: a) Making a one-time contribution of $100,000 and. b) Investing in a government-approved property of at least $200,000 for three years. Its benefits include a) 118 visa-free countries and. B) lifetime Caribbean citizenship. Additional fees for this passport include. A) $7,500 due diligence and $4,000 for every dependent above the age of 16. B) $3,000 application processing fee. C) Also, Expatiated passport issue fee of $1,200 and d) Certification of Naturalization fee of $750.

Kitts& Nevis

This country requires; a) an investment of $250,000, or b) you can buy approved real estate for at least $450,000. Kitts & Nevis include a) 141 visa-free countries. B) Lifetime citizenship. C) Also, No taxation on personal income and capital gains.


This country offers the second passport for a) the investment of $200,000 donation or b) $350,000 in any government-approved real estate. Benefits of Grenada second passport: a) 80 visa-free countries. B) Also, No special skills or expertise required. C) No tax on income around the world.

Antigua and Barbuda

Almost all countries need investment. This country offers three ways of application (or investment options) which includes: a) $100,000 or $125,000 (for a family that is up to 5 in number) contribution to the Antigua National Development Fund. B) Investment of $1.5 million or $5.0 million is (for more than two investors) in establishing a business in Antigua and Barbuda. C) $400,000 Investment of a government-approved real estate project. Benefits Antigua and Barbuda second passport: a) 130 visa-free countries. B) Centre of leisure in the Caribbean with over 365 beaches. C) No global personal income tax. D) Also. It allows dual citizenship. E) No capital gain tax.

Saint Lucia

this country offers four ways of application (or investment options) which include: A) $100,000 one-time contribution to the National Economic Fund. B) A minimum of $3.5 million or $6 million (for two applicants) investment in an Enterprise project. C) Investment in government bonds for a period five years at least which is worth $500,000 or $535,000 if the applicant is married. D) Another benefit is Investment in real estate through the purchase of an approved property for a minimum of $300,000. Benefits of St. Lucia’s second passport: a) you have 118 free visa countries. B) No tax on capital gains. C) Also, lifetime citizenship.

Caribbean Second Passport

Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

Even more, Caribbean second passports are about the cheapest citizenship by investment because the cost of application and the minimum investment requirement is relatively cheap when compared with other citizenship by investment programs of other countries.

20 Countries Who Currently Offer Residency or Citizenship by Investment

Most countries acknowledge that exchanging citizenship for investment is a good means of growing their economy and enhancing development in their countries. Therefore, they offer residency and citizenship in exchange for the applicant’s investment in the country and its economy. Also, here are 20 countries that are offering residency and citizenship by investment currently: Dominica, Latvia, St. Lucia, Cyprus, Australia, Thailand, St. Kitts & Nevis, Malta, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, U.S, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, New Zealand, Canada.

Actually, making a comprehensive list of all the countries that offer residency or citizenship by investment currently will be quite exhausting. However, the services of a professional are needed through the process of decision making for an applicant and also through the process of application to enable the proper application and speedy application approval. Certainly, Saad Ahsan Law Firm is unarguably the best in this firm you can consult. Another, rich experience of our professional, all the rigorous processes will be made quite simple and understandable.

Caribbean Second Passport

Citizenship for Sale List

First of all, most countries do not offer citizenship instantly, it has to come with the number of years who have spent in the country and your involvement in the growth of the country’s economy. So, some other countries offer citizenship in exchange for a specific amount of investment. Meanwhile, some of the countries and their basic investments include:

Dominica = $100,000

St. Kitts & Nevis = $150,000

Malta = 900, 000 euros

Grenada = $150,000

St. Lucia = $100,000

Cyprus = 2,000,000 euros

Antigua and Barbuda = $100,000

Cheapest Golden Visa

The golden visa does not sell citizenship to investors out rightly but they offer residency which could enable the foreign national to gain citizenship of that country over a period of time (in most cases, over a period of 5 years). Therefore, a list of countries offers a golden visa and they include Portugal, Spain, and Latvia among others. Also, Latvia’s golden visa is considered the cheapest in Europe as it cost a minimum of 80, 000 Euros business investment or 250, 000 Euros real estate investment.

Economic Citizenship

Economic citizenship allows a foreign national to invest in the country of interest and obtain citizenship by the virtue of his investment. While, The Economic citizen requirement varies from one country to another but basically, Dominica has the lowest investment cost for economic citizenship – $100,000. Also, the united states has the highest investment cost for economic citizenship – $1, 000,000.

So, many applicants have gone through the process of Caribbean second passport application several times without making headway, it is not because they do not have the required investment capital but because they do not have an experienced professional to guide them. Finally, Saad Ahsan Law Firm offers the best professional services in acquiring a Caribbean second passport. With their experienced professional, your Caribbean second passport is just stepped away.