Caribbean Citizenship by investment Program 2021

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Is Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Difficult to Get?

Citizens of Turquoise waters

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment – In this era of global citizens, people plan and make second passport profiles. One may wonder why? The answer is very clear that ease in global mobility can be achieved via dual citizenship. And when these second passports profiles are created with the right planning and goals in mind.  Then, these profiles help in businesses and tax benefits as well.

The most famous programs of citizenship belong to Caribbean countries. People from around the globe are getting this citizenship. Citizenships of Caribbean countries help in global travel freedom. Another key point is that many people use these citizenships to save big on taxes. Moreover, Caribbean countries have emerged as tourist hot spots. Means, new investment opportunities.

The moderate climate of the Caribbean attracts people from all regions. Once people witness the scenic beauty of mountains and clear waters then it’s difficult to break free from its magic. To add to its magic is its welcoming population. Indeed, Caribbean nations are among the peaceful and happiest nations.

Citizenship by Investment

Which Countries have Citizenship by Investment Program?

Five countries of the Caribbean are offering Citizenship by Investment Programs. These five countries are namely Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts, and St Lucia. Log on to for more details. What’s more important is, the government of these countries give special importance to these programs. Thus, getting citizenship in these countries is fast and efficient. Without any doubt, Second passports of the Caribbean are fastest to get. Explicitly, just 2 to 4 months until you become a legal citizen with all benefits.

In most countries, it is compulsory to become a resident first. Particularly, for European citizenship, one needs to stay inside the country for some specific period before you get citizenship. For more details on European Citizenship programs Log onto .But, here in the Caribbean, the process is clear and fast. Candidates need to invest in government funds or real estate programs.  And after due diligence, one gets a second passport.

To clarify more, one needs not to stay in that particular country to get a passport. As a matter of fact, the Embassy can contact you and you will get a passport in your home country. What more one can ask for? Very clearly outlined a policy for the program, fast and no compulsion to first fly there. Although, most people who visit the Caribbean are struck by its sheer natural beauty.

Caribbean Citizenship

What is Caribbean Citizenship Programs Benefits?

A Place You Can Call Home

Caribbean countries are known for their peace and friendliness. On top of that, the Caribbean region has all commodities most wanted in the future. To put it another way, Caribbean countries have fresh air, clean water, low living cost, welcoming population, and endless supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. This tranquil place you can call home and you and your future generations can enjoy peaceful lives.

Without any doubt, Caribbean countries have no strict tax policies. Caribbean citizens enjoy tax incentives with exemptions from import duties. In fact, Minimal taxation, including no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax.

Another key point often missed, passport through Caribbean citizenship by investment can be a great way to help you plan your global citizen strategy. For example, you could use this passport to secure an easy residency in another country where maybe your home country passport representation is not that powerful.

Undoubtedly, fast and affordable citizenship programs belong here. Indeed, you can acquire your dream passport in just a couple of months. Citizenship programs start here as low as at $100,000. On the other hand, European citizenships have long routes via Residency usually. And maybe you need to wait for a few years!!

International travel becomes hassle-free with Caribbean passports. Almost, 130 countries allow visa-free access to Caribbean passports. These visa-free destinations include the Schengen zone and the UK. In fact, an increasing number of countries are opening up to travelers using Caribbean passports like China and Russia– one of the most closed-off countries in the world. Europe and South America also offer most Caribbean passports visa-free access. But if you are curious about the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and France then you must clearly know that these countries are probably never going to open visa-free access ever. Yet, Caribbean passports are respected even there.

Benefits to the whole Family!! Under a single application, you can include your spouse, children, and parents to come along with the applicant. Full citizen status—including working rights, business, and voting just everything. You can acquire a second passport for your entire life and the great news is that it is passed on to the descendants as well. As well as the ability to hold multiple

Citizenship by Investment programs of the Caribbean region gives you multiple routes of investment. For more details log onto

The emerging tourist industry of this region is welcoming and promising with great returns. Since the government is directly involved in these investment projects. You are in safe hands. Many international resorts and hotel chains are opening up there. So, you can dream of retiring early and rich!!

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Be Excited and Plan now!

After knowing so many benefits of Caribbean Second Passports, let’s start planning now. Always choose a reputable immigration agency to deal with your application process. Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm has repute in the field and has processed hundreds of applications successfully. Experts at SaadAhsan ILF can guide you from preparing your application to arranging meetings in Caribbean countries with real estate consultants.