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citizenship by investment programs

Best Second Passports in the Caribbean with Real Estate Investment

citizenship by investment programs finding a way to protect your future, as well as that of your family, is a top need always and especially in today’s uncertain economic times. Securing your investment while enhancing your travel freedom is also a necessity. One of the absolute most ideal approach to attain these benefits are through investing in real estate and getting your second passport indeed.

There are few options for acquiring the second passport with real estate investment. Each investment option comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Additionally the investment requirement shift from program to program.

Perks Of Getting a Second Passport through Investment in Luxury Real Estate

In case you are searching for a spot to live, an approach to save your income from taxes, a spot to invest, getting a second passport with financing in property is the perfect solution.

Buying property is perhaps the best approach as you don’t have to live in the country nor is the obligation to get enrolled in the institution.

Tax Breaks

To the extent your income is concerned, the best benefit of the second passport includes tax exemptions that you’re qualified for. Most of the islands in the Caribbean are tax-exempts and the sky is the limit from there.

Booming Market

When investing a basic concern is about the property market. Unlike other areas around the globe, the Caribbean and Europe have maintained a stable property market therefore one can get property there!

Get the Second Passport without Further Investment

Numerous European and Caribbean countries have introduced citizenship by investment programs. These require interested individuals to just invest in real estate and therefore enjoy dual nationality status.

Return on Investment

The Caribbean and European nations turn out to be increasingly popular with time for tourism. Therefore investment in property will yield a great return on investment and higher value for the property in the upcoming years.

Factors to Select the Best Second Passport through Real Estate Investment

Picking the best second passport is different for different people according to the benefits one is expecting. Yet here are the factors which decide the worth of the passport:

Ideal financial atmosphere

when acquiring a second citizenship, the investor is usually looking for financial interests. Therefore when choosing the best second passport, consider which nations offer the best tax exemptions and open doors for business.

Enhance mobility

Dual nationality generally unlocks restricted borders with its visa-free travel benefit. Hence, one needs to contemplate the number of countries which are visa-free on it.

Beautiful and peaceful location

There is no satisfaction without well-being and nature is one of the primary assurance of its defense. If you need to move to another nation, it is imperative to choose a haven.

A better lifestyle

Security, education, and healthcare are the most important needs for families these days. Through citizenship programs, one can get access to the best education and healthcare facilities.

Go tax-free

The tax break is another significant reason for acquiring another passport. Most of these countries have truly good tax regulations on income from abroad.

Instant citizenship: Many real estate investments can lead to residency and in some cases instant citizenship. Therefore investors, who are not ready to wait for years to acquire another passport, this is the best way to go.

Which Countries Offer their Passports by Real Estate Investment?

Since you comprehend the perks of getting the second passport, here are the nations which offer their passports by buying property there.

Some of the nations that offer such programs include European nations, the Caribbean Islands, and various other countries.

Country Region Investment in Real Estate Timeframe required to get Citizenship Minimum years to retain real estate CBI Passport Ranking
Commonwealth of Dominica Caribbean Starting from $220,000 3 months 3 years 1
Cyprus Europe Residential Real Estate: € 2 million + donation of €150,000


Commercial Real Estate: €2.5 million +  donation of €150,000


6 months 5 years 7
Antigua & Barbuda Caribbean Minimum investment of $200,000

(joint investment of 2 individuals with families)

3 months 5 years 5
Grenada Caribbean Real estate project for a minimum of USD 220,000 4 months 3 years 3
Malta Europe Purchase: minimum value of €350,000


Rent: lease a property for at least €16,000 per annum


a minimum contribution of €650,000


€150,000 Investments in Government bonds or shares


14 months 5 years 8
Saint Lucia Caribbean A minimum value of USD 300,000 3 months 5 years 4
ST. Kitts & Nevis Caribbean Real estate investment with a minimum value of USD 200,000 2-3 months 5 years 2

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs with Real Estate Investment

Caribbean second passports are an incredible opportunity both personally and professionally. It implies that you and your family can accomplish full citizenship status in a nation where you have no family ties and past associations. Moreover, you can get a second passport instantly as well.

Caribbean countries specifically are top picks for investors who wish to get dual citizenship without moving to another location. On account of the fabulous sandy seashores, laidback way of life and flourishing, stable economies, and top spots, Caribbean programs are worthy to consider.

Why Pick Caribbean second passports?

There is a wide range of reasons why someone may need a 2nd passport, especially in a Caribbean nation. These range from global mobility and better business opportunities.

It’s brisk as well. An application likely could be endorsed in the time span of three months or a little longer. Other reasons include:

Security in term of citizenship by investment programs

Second citizenship from a calm, stable nation can truly be a lifeline if any sort of political or monetary turmoil ought to happen in their nation.

Worldwide Mobility

Citizenship by Investment – and Caribbean 2nd passport – can furnish its holders with better mobility. For example, Dominican passport unlocks entry access to 135+ nations without a visa.

Business and Tax Management

Caribbean passports open up a wide range of business opportunities that were not accessible before. Furthermore, dual citizenship in the Caribbean is additionally valuable for tax purposes. Most of these nations offer tax exemptions on foreign income.


Caribbean 2nd passports additionally extend citizenship to the relatives and dependents of the primary candidate. This permits its holder to appreciate a superior and increasingly prosperous future.

Which Caribbean Nations Offer Citizenship by Investment Programs?

Dominican 2nd Passport with Real Estate Investment

  • It is a beautiful Caribbean Island know to the world as “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”.
  • One of the most economical and affordable 2nd passports in the Caribbean.
  • Dominica is blessed with 3 national parks, 2nd largest boiling lake, and 365 lakes.
  • Invest in an amazing beach resort or donate $100,000 to acquire a 2nd passport.
  • An immense number of opportunities for an international business
  • Top-ranked fast-track 2nd passport in the Caribbean with no visit or living required in Dominica

Invest in a Luxury Dominica Resort and Get Citizenship

Invest in Dominica’s real estate, for example, inns, estates, and resorts to get dual citizenship in only 3 months. It requires keeping up proprietorship for 3 years. After this period, the property can be sold, permitting its proprietor to free their capital without influencing citizenship.

Stunning marine bluff, the glorious coastal retreat, Tranquility Beach Resort is an esteemed resident resort. The lined palm trees and blue water gives beautiful beachfront for its habitations. The luxury resort is carefully planned with an ecological ethos for current solaces and well-outfitted with pools and ocean sees.

Tranquility Beach Resort is an approved real estate project of Dominica’s 2nd passport Program. It is the best investment opportunity for investors as they can invest and get their 2nd passport with investment starting from $220,000.

Citizenship by Investment with Real Estate Investment

  • “Island of Spice” is the dedicated name for the charming Caribbean island of Grenada.
  • Grenada is a perfect 2nd passport for everyone in the Caribbean.
  • Grenada boasts as one of the world’s largest exporter of nutmeg and mace crops.
  • Become the owner of resort-style real estate or donate $150,000 for Grenadian 2nd passport.
  • Get your citizenship from Grenada to access over 130 countries without a visa
  • Facilitating relocating to the USA with an E-2 visa- an exclusive option available for Grenadian passport holders.

Invest in Exclusive Grenada’s Resort and Get 2nd Passport

A breathtaking viewpoint on Grenada’s emerald waters, Six Senses Resort has already declared as one of the top 10 beaches in the Caribbean by Sunday Times. It will contain 100 rooms across cutting edge villas. The resort will have world-class highlights, for example, a spa & fitness center, a fancy eatery, communal swimming pools, and other facilities.

Invest in Six Senses Resort Grenada to claim your second passport. Known to the world as a pathway to the USA, Grenadian 2nd passport empowers worldwide people and their families to travel visa-free to more than 130 nations. Furthermore, it is a 120-days way to acquire second citizenship in return for investment in Six Senses Resort, Grenada.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment with Real Estate Investment

  • Antigua & Barbuda is a beautiful Caribbean country consisting of 2 big islands and 7 smaller ones.
  • The highest point in this Caribbean island state is the Boggy Peak that rises to a height of 1,319 Feet.
  • Investing in Antigua & Barbuda’s second passport through real estate investment ensures visa-free travel and access to major countries like the US, EU, and many more.
  • High net worth individuals can become citizens of Antigua & Barbuda through a contribution of $100,000, real estate investment of $200,000, or investing $1,500,000 to an eligible business.
  • Antigua & Barbuda’s trading and taxation advantages provide opportunities to entrepreneurs for doing business around the world.

Invest in Antigua & Barbuda Real Estate to Get 2nd Passport

Antigua and Barbuda have land for anybody, holiday lovers, investors, entrepreneurs, retired individuals, under its Citizenship by Investment program. You have choices of purchasing for living or investment.

A wide selection of properties incorporates elite resorts, townhouses, seashore bungalows, condos, and commercial properties. With the low investment requirement starting from $200,000, this is another best investment opportunity for everyone. Specifically, moderately low costs, low crime rate, political and monetary security, and easy tax regulations are other reasons to consider investing in Antigua & Barbuda.

Saint Lucia Citizenship by investment programs with Real Estate Investment

  • Home of the Pitons, Saint Lucia is famous for its natural beauty, clear sand beaches, and splendid sunshine.
  • Saint Lucia has no objection to dual citizenship under its citizenship by investment program launched in 2015.
  • Open to all nationalities, Saint Lucia passport processing time is just 90 days.
  • The Caribbean island named after a woman is famous for a large array of marine life and birdlife.
  • Right of citizenship for future generations with the generous tax regime
  • Best 2nd passport in the Caribbean with no need to reside in the country.

Invest in Real Estate for Saint Lucia 2nd Passport

There are generally excellent real estate investment opportunities in St Lucia. St Lucia has a wide assortment of properties on offer from plots of land for the development of luxury homes and estates to rich advancements in resorts. Fortunately, the country offers its passport to those who are ready to invest in property with a minimum value of USD 300,000.

Key advantages for the investor and the family prominently incorporate visa-free travel to more than 130 nations. Other aces include a stable political atmosphere, a 90-day way to citizenship, a good taxation system, and lifetime citizenship for generations to come.

Countries When Citizenship by Investment Program is Introduced? Starting price


Visa-free travel family Dual citizenship Residency requirements
Antigua & Barbuda 2014 Donation: starting at $100,000

Real Estate Investment: invest at least $200,000


Business: minimum of $1,500,000

130+  Children: dependent children up to the age of 26


Parents: parents over 65 years of age

Yes No
Dominica 1993 Donation: donate $100,000


Real Estate Investment: with $220,000

130+ Children: dependent children up to the age of 28


Parents: parents over 55 years of age

Yes Yes No
Grenada 2013 Donation: $150,000


Real Estate Investment: minimum of $220,000

130+ Children: dependent children up to the age of 25


Parents: parents over 65 years of age

Yes Yes No
Saint Kitts & Nevis 1984 Real Estate Investment: minimum value of $220,000 152+ Children: dependent children up to age of 25


Parents: parents over 65 years of age

Yes Yes No
Saint Lucia 2016 Donation: $100,000


Real Estate Investment: $ 300,000


Pre-approved enterprise project: $3,500,000 for single investment

& $6,000,000 for joint investment

130+ Children: dependent children up to the age of 25


Parents: parents over 65 years of age

Yes Yes No

All Set for citizenship by investment programs

Following becoming acquainted with a touch of about every one of the Caribbean nations, it is currently time for you to choose which one suits your inclination and explicit needs best. Utilize the above data as a manual for help in your journey to accomplish another passport of the delightful Caribbean.