Canada Skilled Immigration-Federal & Provincial Nominee in Demand

Canada Express Entry Program– Overview & Point Scoring System

Skilled Immigration is the most appropriate way towards immigration for people who are experienced professionals and want to pursue their career in a more relevant and growing environment.  Canada has always been a priority for immigrants, especially from the Asian region as it is one of the most stable and sustained economies around the Globe. Canada Express Entry Program is a very authentic and convenient way to move to Canada on the basis of an individual’s skillset and experience.

Overview of Canada Express Entry Program

Canada Express Entry Program was initiated in January 2015 by replacing the old, “First Come, First Serve” Program. Also, this is the most appropriate, less time taking, and authentic way for skilled workers to get Canadian Permanent Residence.

The Program is suitable for people who are looking for a secure and growing environment in both professional and personal terms. Canada offers great work opportunities for people from all nationalities around the world. Also, the Canadian government has different programs at the federal and provincial levels to facilitate people according to their work abilities and professional work experience in a relevant industry. Participants who wish to be a part of any of these programs are welcomed to fill their applications online. There are certain requirements for the Canada Express Entry Program and if a participant’s profile fulfills those requirements, Canada welcomes them to pursue their future in the country.

Desirable Professions for this Program

There are countless opportunities for multiple professions. Medical Officers and Accountants are top priorities for Canada Skilled Immigration Program. Keeping the current health situations in mind, Canada is extremely welcoming to take medical officers on board from around the world to make its health sector bigger and better. People who have a handful of experience as engineers are also in demand for the express entry program in Canada. Other than these, IT Professionals, Educationists, Chefs, Entrepreneurs, and Chefs are also considered as prime professions for the express entry program.

Requirements for Canada Express Entry Program

The candidates who are willing to apply for Canada Express Entry Program need to complete an online profile. Before entering the information to the online profile, they are required to have certainly make sure certain points which are as follows:

  • An attested degree as proof of 16 or 18 years of education
  • IELTS Certification with a minimum of 7.5 bands overall
  • Work experience of 3 or more years in a relevant industry
  • The candidate who’s applying must be between 24 to 36 years of age
  • The applicant must be in excellent health conditions
  • Positive Police Verification Certificate
  • The candidate must need to secure a 430+ score after maintaining points in the above-mentioned requirements.
  • Candidate must need to provide proof of funds depending upon the family members
NOTE: Candidates who have all the required documents need to complete their profile within 60 days once they start the application. If the candidate meets the requirements of at least one of the three immigration programs, they will be placed into the Express Entry pool of candidates. There are no caps on the number of candidates that are accepted in the pool

Some of the Programs under Canada Express Entry

FSWC (Federal Skilled Worker Class)

People with a great skill set are eligible for this program as it completely depends on the firsthand experience of an individual. The candidate will get a job offer from a Canadian Employer. The requirement is a minimum of 1 year or more experience in a relevant industry. Also, candidates are required to have a strong command of the English or French language.

Candidates must be between 24 to 36 years of age to qualify for this program. The highest points will be given to candidates who are of age 29. The points will decrease down to 5 every year.  This is also important that your work experience comes under an occupation listed as a certified occupation by Canadian authorities.

FSTC (Federal Skilled Trade Class)

This program targets people who belong to a single skilled trade and have a solid two years or more relevant experience. These two years must be within the recent 5 years just before applying for the program. An attested document to show skill qualification level by territorial or provincial authorities of Canada is a must qualify for the program. The candidate is required to achieve 7.5 bands in language proficiency level be it English or French. Even a single aspect is missing from the profile, the candidate wouldn’t be eligible for this program.

CEC (Canada Experience Class)

The people who fall under this category are already working in Canada but are not permanent citizens of Canada. In order to achieve PR, they must have a year or more work experience in Canada. Also, they are required to have a strong command of English or French language to pursue their professional career in Canada as a permanent resident.  

In case, candidates have achieved the required score and still, the application doesn’t’ get approval there can be any of these factors:

Points Scoring System for Canada Express Entry:

While creating a profile for the skilled program, candidates get confused about how to understand the segregation of points and what are the criteria for being eligible.

Accordingly, the candidate needs to achieve 460 points combined in all factors with a spouse or common-law partner. The candidate needs to achieve 500 points combined in all factors without a spouse or common-law partner.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Once the candidates complete their profile for Federal Immigration Program and due to less scoring in any of the categories, they didn’t get approval. This is their option to still stay hopeful.

Although, Provincial Immigration Nominee Program targets the profiles they find appropriate for any certain job in any specific region. It takes some time and the province itself nominates the candidate if the profile matches the job requirement. This is an alternate and a very frequent way to get permanent residency in Canada. In addition, the candidate must share authentic documents upon asking to avoid any legal issues in long run. If any document is doubtful or incomplete as per the province’s requirement, the application can get an instant refusal.

The candidate who qualifies for the PINP Program will be eligible to live in work in that specific province but free to travel across Canada.

Major provinces that are part of this program are as follows:

  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Yukon

SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program)

SINP is a program for foreigners with a great skill which gives them a chance to become permanent residents in Canada with their families. It comes under a Provincial Nominee Program managed by the province of Saskatchewan.

Similarly, the program provides residency to non-Canadian applicants and gives them a chance to make Saskatchewan their home country. SINP Program also nominates successful applicants for the federal program to get permanent citizenship.

Nomination Categories under SINP

The SINP successful applicants will be part of federal programs nominations under the following categories:

  1. International Skilled Worker
  2. Saskatchewan Experience
  3. Business Immigration

Basically, These categories have subcategories as well. Occupation in demand & Saskatchewan Express Entry are two major programs and these programs operate on Expression of Interest. However, The requirements including work experience, education level, and English proficiency level varies from category to category.

Meanwhile, SINP offers a very comprehensive processing timeline for successful applicants. Provincial Immigration Officers explain the requirement. Accordingly, occupation in Demand is the best possible way to move forward with your career in Canada.

Here’s a list of occupations that are in high demand in the Saskatchewan Region

  • HR Managers
  • Administrative Managers
  • Accounts & Finance Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Advertising & Marking Managers
  • Corporate Sales Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Finance & Accounts Managers
  • Insurance & Real Estate Managers
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Supply Chain Supervisors

New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream, CANADA

Basically, the NBPNP (New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program) targets individuals who have great skills and wants to continue their career in New Brunswick, Canada. However, the skillset, education, and experience must be relevant and the applicant has the intention to contribute to the economy of the province. Candidates who apply for this program must meet certain criteria and must hold a verified employment offer letter. Also, candidates must have intended to live and work in Canada for the long term.

Requirements for NBPNP:

  • The candidate must have a minimum of 18 years of education
  • Minimum 10 years of work experience is a must for this program
  • The candidate requires to score 7+ band in each IELTS category
  • Interested candidate must be between age 20 to 55 at the time of application approval

AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program)

The Atlantic Immigration Route consists of four provinces in collaboration with Canada’s federal government. Moreover, the program focuses the applicants to fill the position for which Canadian citizens and permanent residents are not available. Atlantic Immigration Route has categories, one category focuses on High Skilled Professionals and Intermediate Skilled Professionals.

Although, AIPP is a program to recruit new talent for value addition to the local employers and companies. The program allows employers to select foreign candidates based on skill and experience and give them a chance to serve the Canadian economy. Also, the goal of this program is to create economic sustainability and to shape a developed skilled workforce. The program is also focusing to introduce new jobs to increase employment opportunities in Canada.

Requirements of AIPP

  • Firstly, a valid job offer letter from the employer in Canada
  • At least one year of experience in the relevant occupation
  • 16 years of education
  • Applicant must acquire level 4 of CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) in English or French
  • A verification that the applicant will apply for permanent residency within the first 90 days of their stay in Canada.