Dominica Second Citizenship Program- Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

During this long & uncertain pandemic, what people miss the most and crave is traveling. There are still many countries not ready to open their borders for Global Mobility. Travel restrictions, unfulfilled holiday plans, and such extensive quarantine periods put people on a shift to find ways to get rid of these scenarios. These hard times make people understand the need for a valuable second passport to get their travel freedom back. While looking for a second passport, how can we not talk about World’s no.1, Dominica Second Citizenship Program by investing in Real Estate?

If you want to relocate or get your mobility independence back without any long wait, Dominica Second Citizenship Program is your one solution to all these concerns. Dominica Second Passport through real estate investment is one option you must not miss as it’s a guarantee of a luxury lifestyle and a secure future for your family. Also, Dominica real estate offers great ROIs to investors who want to invest and migrate to a peaceful country with a strong economy. Dominica is a land of magnificent resorts and an apt choice for people who love nature. Above all, the clear air of this Caribbean country makes you feel free from pollution as the land saves its natural assets to its best.

Basically, Dominica ranks as Best Travel Destination for the year 2021. This will create an increase in tourism in the Caribbean region which directly gives a boost to the country’s economy. However, If you are looking for a second passport with multiple benefits, Dominica Second Citizenship Program should be your choice.

Benefits of Dominica Second Citizenship Program

  1. Starting with the freedom of mobility. Having a Dominican passport allows you visa-free travel to 145+ countries.
  2. Dominican real estate offers great ROIs on the minimum investments. The investors who are planning to relocate with their whole family can enjoy the best rewards.
  3. The inclusion of siblings, parents & grandparents of the main applicant or of a spouse is a major advantage of moving to Dominica as a citizen.
  4. While investing in the real estate of Dominica, no additional amount is required to contribute to government funds.
  5. Dominica has a wide range of real estate properties for foreign investors to opt from.
  6. If investors make an investment in a luxury resort project, they can get a 3 to 6 weeks holiday. A luxury holiday anywhere in the Caribbean region with the whole family.
  7. Although, Dominica Citizenship by Investment is the only scheme that requires to hold the property for three years only. After this duration, applicants are eligible to sell or rent out the property.
  8. All the real estate projects available for Dominica Citizenship Scheme are government-approved. The state takes responsibility for the security & sustainability of the projects.
  9. No other country’s real estate promises great returns. But Real estate schemes in Dominica have a guaranteed annual rental income of 3 – 4%.

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