Australia Skilled Immigration

Skilled Immigration is a great option for highly experienced people to start their professional life in a more stable and fast-growing economy. The motivation behind the skilled immigration for general professionals is to draw in exceptional general professionals for migration to Australia. General Skilled Migration Program stays the quickest and simplest procedure to move to Australia on a permanent basis. This visa furnishes the general professionals from Pakistan with an opportunity to work and live in an ideal country.

Being a leading immigration firm, Saad Ahsan Immigration Law firm provides Skilled Immigration for General Professionals.  We help you in getting the quickest and most effective route to move in Australia while taking care of all the procedure from initiation till execution. All it takes a skill set and few years of experience to become part of this skilled immigration program. It allows you and your family ultimate freedom to live, work and travel in the country. There is a list of occupations and age limit mentioned below which can help you access your eligibility.


Age Points
18 – 24 years 25 Points
25 – 32 years 30 Points
33 – 39 years 25 Points
40 – 44 years 15 Points
45 – 49 years 0 Points
Experience Points
1 Years 0 Points
3 Years 5 Points
5 Years 10 Points
8 Years or above 15 Points
State Sponsorship
State Sponsorship Points
State Nominated Subclass 190 5 Points
Regional Sponsored Provisional Visa Subclass 491 (New) 15 Points
Qualification Points
4-years Bachelors degree 15 Points
PhD Degree 20 Points

The program offers visas to selected skills including:

Australia Skilled Immigration General Professionals

Skilled occupation list is available for applicants who are concerned to fly to Australia with motive of getting Skilled Immigration for General Professionals.

General Professional Occupations in Demand

  • Agriculture Consultant
  • Occupational Health and Safety Adviser
  • Urban and Regional Planner
  • ICT Sales Representative
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Primary Health Organization Manager
  • Financial Investment Adviser
  • Importer and Exporter
  • Other Spatial Scientist
  • Construction Projects Management
  • Human Resources Advisor
  • Management Consultant
  • Environment Consultant
  • Financial Investment Manager
  • ICT Account Manager
  • Organization and Method Analyst
  • Librarian
  • ICT Business Development Manager
  • University Lecturer
  • Project Builder
  • Industrial Designer
  • University Tutor
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Internal Auditor

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