Antigua & Barbuda Joins the Elite List of Countries with Visa-free Access to China

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Imagine a world where borders become less of a barrier and more of a gateway to new adventures, cultures, and opportunities. Antigua and Barbuda and the People’s Republic of China have gotten into an important meeting where Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Chinese Premier Li Qiang build their relationship as two nations. They have discussed how this visa exemption agreement is about signing the papers and weaving the rich tapestries of two distinct cultures into a single, vibrant story of mutual respect and shared dreams.

In December 2023, China reopened its borders to other countries after three years of self-imposed isolation due to Covid-19. It was to grow their economy and reinstate their relationships with other countries. In exchange, China waived visa requirements for citizens from some countries, including Caribbean countries like Dominica, Grenada, and now Antigua & Barbuda. 

Caribbean countries are famous for their citizenship by investment programs with visa-free access to over 140+ countries. When China opened its borders, it gradually started giving visa-free access to different countries including Antigua & Barbuda, which means its citizens, when now get global citizenship, will be able to travel around to China as well. 

The visa waiver agreement is a significant milestone for Antigua and Barbuda residents. According to the Passport Index, the passport from Antigua boasts a global reach score of 71%. It ranks 24th in passport strength, positioning it within the top 30 most powerful passports globally. Adding China to the roster of countries that do not require visas for Antiguan citizens enhances their travel freedom, enabling them to visit nearly 100 countries visa-free and elevating the passport’s mobility score to 143 countries. 

This visa-free agreement with China is more than a diplomatic success; it’s a bridge to a future where Antigua and Barbuda stand tall on the global stage, recognized not just for the beauty of our lands but for the openness of our arms and the boldness of our aspirations. Let’s step forward into this new era together, ready to explore, connect, and embrace all the wonders in this shared world.

In a nutshell, Antigua and Barbuda, under the umbrella of Citizenship by Investment programs, now in the list of 100+ countries with visa-free access to China. In this journey, Antigua and Barbuda is not the only nation, but Dominica and Grenada are also part of the league of which passports grant access to China. Saad Ahsan Residency & Citizenship is the right choice to rely on if you want any information. Our team of experts is here 24/7 to cater to your needs and respond to you within minutes. We have been in this field for over two decades and know how to help you successfully have citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda to enjoy the life you have always dreamt of.

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