Everything you need to know about USA EB-5 Visa – Process, Requirement & Advantages

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If the world will introduce hundreds of new citizenship & residency programs, USA will remain a priority for investors anyway. USA is one of the most sought-after & desirable countries. If we look at the client queries we receive on daily basis, USA EB-5 Visa still tops the list. People do consider other options according to their budget & other interests but in initially, 80% people want to move to USA. Similarly, this trend is like this for years for how the country has sustained its economy & global image.

USA EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 Visa for USA is also famous because it is quite an easy & comparatively faster route to get a green card eventually. Also, all the healthcare & education facilities this country offers are on another level. If you want to inquire about the USA EB-5 Visa Process, this article is for you. There are several stages you’ll pass while completing the process for EB-5 Visa. We are here sharing a step-by-step guide to make the process easy to understand for our readers.

Step 1: Explore about the country & program

We really appreciate clients when they come up with research and have clarity on what they are looking for. It is very important to do your own research so you can question the advisor accordingly. The prior knowledge will also help you evaluate how eager you actually are towards this specific program.

Step 2: Manage your Budget for the EB-5 Visa

The minimum budget you’ll need to get USA EB-5 Visa is $500,000. This amount will go as an investment to the economy for creating jobs in USA. The applicants are required to create 5 to 10 jobs for USA workers.

Step 3: Look for a best immigration advisor

This is one of the most important aspects while planning to apply for immigration. There are a lot of options when you start your search for a reliable immigration advisor. Also, there are many scams in the market. You have to look for options with the best reviews and personally visit the office to check the credibility. In addition, you can first call and discuss the concerns with the advisor before setting up a meeting.

Step 4: Compile your required documents

Once you finalize that now you are starting your case with this certain immigration company. The immigration advisor dedicated to your case will guide you on all the documents that you’ll need to process the case. Similarly, the immigration companies have direct ties with all the international authorities. The verification and all other legal aspects become super easy if you get good legal assistance from the advisor.

Step 5: EB-5 Visa Approval

Once all the verifications and legal processes are done, it is that time when you will finally receive the acceptance. The approval completely depends on how valid your investment source is. You must need to provide proof of the lawful ownership of the funds you show to live in the USA.

What is the Processing Time for EB-5 Visa Arrival?

Every immigration company you ask, will give you a different timeline. When in reality, the process duration actually varies from case to case. Also, the number of dependents and their verifications take a lot of time. The estimated time we promise our clients is 12 months, we make sure to fasten the process as much as possible. And in very rare circumstances, the process takes more than a year. The process is a bit extensive but once it’s done, it’s a lifetime relief for you and your family.

What are advatages of getting USA EB-5 Visa?

  • The direct access to luxurious & secure lifestyle of USA.
  • A chance to make your children study at world’s best educational institutes.
  • High chances to get green card after a certain duration.
  • Once you’ll attain the green card, you, your spouse & children under 21 can work anywhere in USA.
  • As a green card holder, you’ll get freedom to travel visa free to & from USA to almost whole world.
  • You can reside alongwith your family anywhere in the USA.
  • The investment you’ll make will give you guaranteed returns.

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