Advantages of Citizenship by Investment for Investors in 2024

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Investors and businessmen feel strained due to economic and political unrest in the country. It affects businesses and individuals by creating insecurity and uncertainty. Having a solid backup plan to sustain your business and ensure a better future is essential these days. Similarly, global inflation’s impact on developing countries is significant and that is why investors are looking for bigger opportunities. Citizenship by Investment is an all-in-one solution to expand your business, secure your family’s future and achieve a luxury lifestyle for a lifetime. Second citizenship is your key to unlocking greater opportunities. In addition, you cannot expect your vision to get broader by living in a fluctuating economic state. Stability in a few aspects of your business and lifestyle makes life easier.


Ahsan Khaliq, CEO Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm

Some recent research has shown that 2/3 of the developing world is looking for options to relocate. The trend of immigration has become so common in the last few years amid economic & political turbulence. 70% of people in these developing regions are ready to relocate to a bigger economy to provide their family with a secure life. Also, the sense of security that comes from a strong second passport is worth the investment you make.

Why choose Citizenship by Investment?

  • Citizenship by Investment is the easy and faster way to get dual citizenship. Most countries offering citizenship take 90-120 days for the passport’s arrival.
  • Your global mobility will be upgraded with a strong second passport. You can travel visa-free to 145+ countries.
  • Relocating to a bigger and better economy will transform your lifestyle. You can ensure a luxurious life for your family.
  • Moreover, your family can get access to the world’s best education and healthcare facilities with a premium 2nd citizenship.
  • If you opt for a second passport, you can expand your business in any corner of the world easily. The value of your passport will help you spread your business around the globe.
  • The investment you will make in real estate property will be refundable and you can generate great rental income.
  • Returns of your real estate investment are a must and you can minimize your taxation. Caribbean and European countries offer some huge tax benefits.
  • You will get citizenship for a lifetime and your generations will get benefit from this one-time investment.

Routes toward Citizenship by Investment

Caribbean countries offer direct citizenship and offer two routes to get 2nd passport. You can either donate $100,000 to the national fund of the country or invest $220,000 in real estate. The donation amount is non-refundable but the real estate amount is refundable. You can get guaranteed returns on your investment.

European residency is not a direct but guaranteed route toward citizenship. Investors initially get residency which leads to citizenship. The duration of residency to citizenship is different for every country. The minimum investment for European residency starts from EUR 280,000 and goes up to EUR 500,000. You can get multiple investment options according to your budget.

Citizenship by Investment Processing

Why Choose Us?

Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is a leading firm operating globally. No matter where you live, we are here for you to provide the best Immigration solutions. Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is the pioneer firm introducing the idea of citizenship by investment in Pakistan. We have a team of expert citizenship advisors who are available 24/7 for your assistance. From initial consultancy to passport arrival, we will manage step-by-step processing on your behalf.

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