9 Factors Why Dominica Citizenship by Investment is no.1 in CBI Ranking

Dominican 2nd Citizenship


Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program allows foreign individuals and their families to obtain Dominican citizenship in exchange for a qualifying investment in the country. To be eligible for citizenship by investment in Dominica, an applicant must choose one of the following routes:

  1. A non-refundable contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) starts at $100,000 for a single applicant.
  2. A refundable real estate investment in pre-approved real estate properties starting at $220,000.
Dominica CBI


In addition to the investment, applicants must also meet certain criteria. Major requirements include passing a due diligence background check, having a clean criminal history, and proof of funds to make an investment. Dominica Citizenship by Investment has sustained the no. 1 position in Global CBI Index for consecutive 6 years. Here’s a list of aspects that decide the ranking of each CBI Program.

1. Freedom of Mobility

The worth of your passport depends on the extent of travel freedom it gives you. If you hold Dominican citizenship, you are allowed to travel visa-free to 145+ countries. Isn’t it great to be able to move beyond territorial boundaries without any waiting, hassle, or fear of visa rejection? Dominica is the 32nd strongest passport globally as it offers visa-free access to more than half of the world. This aspect creates an urge in investors to invest in Dominica Citizenship by Investment.

2. Lifestyle & Well-being

Dominica offers a very calm and peaceful lifestyle as it is mostly surrounded by nature. It is also known as Nature’s Isle for a fact. The culture, food, beaches, tropical tree, and whatnot attract the world. Being a citizen of Dominica, the world is open to you. You can get access to the world’s best education and healthcare facilities. Above all, it’s undoubtedly the best place to live after your retirement.

3. Ease in Investment

Dominica CBI Program is among those rare citizenship options which offer more than one route. You can either make a minimum contribution of $100,000 which is non-refundable. The other option is to make a minimum investment of $220,000 in the real estate industry of Dominica. The investment amount is refundable and gives you guaranteed ROIs on your investment.

4. Travel or Residency Requirement

Being a citizen of a country, you must have a home and business to look after. It is not possible to travel or live in another country in order to qualify for second citizenship. Some countries have a very strict residency requirement for dual citizenship applicants. But Dominica Citizenship by Investment has no residency or travel requirement. You can start your process today and receive your citizenship certificate at your doorstep with the help of an authorized consultant.

5. Processing Timeline

The step-by-step process and final approval is a risky period for applicants. While making such a huge investment, feeling anxious about consequences is natural. Dominica CBI Program is one of the fastest processing tracks to becoming a global citizen. If you reach out to a credible immigration consultant, you can easily get your citizenship approval in 90 Days.

6. Business Opportunities

Tourism, hotel management, and a few other industries become famous in Dominica. There are various investment, trading, and business opportunities in the country. With the freedom of movement to other countries, you can explore business opportunities in any corner of the world with Dominica citizenship.

7. Due Diligence Checks

The legal aspects of getting second citizenship seem super crucial. But to your surprise, it is not that difficult. With the assistance of an expert citizenship advisor, you can easily pass through due diligence checks. An immigration advisor will help you with all legal procedures.

8. Future Security for Family

Citizenship by investment is basically an investment for future generations. Your upcoming generations need no renewal or legal approvals, Dominica Citizenship by Investment will pass on. The peaceful aura of this country will give you a lifetime experience. Living in Dominica will ensure your family’s secure and stable lifestyle.

9. Certainty of the Program

It is important for applicants to see how credible a citizenship program is. Dominica is among the pioneer CBI schemes in the Caribbean region. Over time, the program has built a reputation among foreign investors. Applicants from around the globe have invested in this program more than any other CBI scheme.


Why Choose Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm?

These are the prime factors that make Dominica Citizenship by Investment a no.1 program. It is not easy to sustain a first position for consecutive 6 years. As an authorized agent, Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm is looking forward to 2023’s CBI Index. Looking at the global citizenship trends in 2022, we are sure that this year again belongs to Dominica. To make your CBI process faster and more convenient, book an appointment with Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm and become a Global citizen in 90 days.