5 Things You Must Know About Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Dominica is a land of nature with clear blue beaches, and tropical trees touching the mountains. The island got attention in the last few years because of the amazing citizenship by investment program. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is popular for the benefits it offers. There are multiple countries in the Caribbean region only offering second citizenship but Dominica is no.1 among all. In the Global CBI Index, Dominica is on the top position for consecutive 6 years now. Similarly, the CBI Index is based on multiple factors including the economic and political condition of the country. Other than this, lifestyle, security, and many other factors help a CBI program stand out.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program came into existence in the early ’90s. It took some time for people to know about the program. Also, the government of Dominica and the CBI Unit also made some great interventions over the years. Dominica has become one of the strongest passports in one last decade. Investors taking more interest in Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program because the program is authentic. People know that the money they invest is going to give them great benefits.

1. Routes to get Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program offers two routes for investors to get citizenship. You can either donate $100,000 to the National Fund of Dominica or you can make a real estate investment of $220,000. The donation amount is non-refundable but the real estate amount is refundable after 5 years. You can get rental income and great ROIs on your real estate investment.

2. Global Mobility with Dominica Citizenship by Investment

With 2nd citizenship of Dominica, the world will open its doors to you. You will get a chance to have a strong second passport which allows you visa-free travel to 145+ countries. Not only this but your children can study at any reputed institute and you can expand your business globally. Freedom of movement is no less than a luxury, it sets you free from worries. If you have an unplanned business trip, just book the ticket and fly to your desired destination without any visa delay or rejection.

3. Inclusion of Whole Family as Dependents

Dominica CBI Program caters to your whole family. Your spouse and children are automatically part of your application. But you can add your adult children, parents, and grandparents for a very minimal additional fee. Also, Dominica’s second citizenship is the only program that includes your whole family under the same application. There’s no other citizenship program that caters to your depends as Dominica does.

4. Fastest Citizenship Track

Being a Dominican citizen, you’ll get lifetime benefits as the reward of a one-time investment. You are just 90 days away from the life you were always wishing to live. It is hard to believe but you can get Dominican citizenship by investment in just 3 months. Moreover, being a global citizen, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with second citizenship including zero to minimum taxation, a luxury lifestyle, secure and stable economic situations, and much more.

5. Zero Taxation and Guaranteed ROIs

The economic situation in Dominica is very stable. Also, the government takes control of every issue before it reaches to public. If you get Dominican citizenship by investment, you will get a huge relief on taxation. The tax benefits will surprise you. The Real estate in Dominica promises you guaranteed ROIs.

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