5 Reasons why you need a Dominican Citizenship by Investment

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Dominica Citizenship by Investment is one of the most long-standing programs. Since 1993, many investors got second citizenship and enjoy countless perks of being a Dominican Citizen. Dominica is a Nature isle and the ultimate getaway for nature lovers. There are so many luxury villas and international resorts where investors can invest and get citizenship as a reward. Dominica has the strongest passport among all the Caribbean countries. Other than the Caribbean region, Dominican Passport has worth globally as well.

Basically, the idea of citizenship by investment refers to making investments in the real estate of the country. In return, you will get a passport for your whole family. Citizenship by Investment Program of Dominica is the most flexible one and caters to all aspects. The projects where investors invest their money are mostly government approved. The value of real estate property is surprisingly very high and will benefit you a lot in the future. No matter if you are getting citizenship for relocation purposes or just to make a secure investment, Dominica is the best choice.

Reason why you need Dominican Citizenship by Investment

We are listing down five major reasons why you should opt for Dominican Citizenship by Investment. Read them carefully and make your choice without wasting any more time.

No.1 Citizenship Program ranked by World CBI Index

The world CBI index consists of multiple aspects that make a country’s passport the best or worst. It involves security and economic stability. Moreover, it includes the country’s relationships with the international community. It also focuses on the tourism situation of the country. Keeping all the factors in consideration, the CBI Index ranks countries. Dominica has been ranked no.1 not once but five times in a row. Investors can clearly understand the worth of a Dominican passport by going through the index details.

Cost effective and guaranteed ROIs

Citizenship by Investment Programs has a very clear audience, individuals with a high net worth in any part of the world. You can Dominican passport by investing $220,000 in real estate and can get citizenship in just 90 days. Also, the property you are going to make an investment in luxury villas or resorts. After 3 to 5 years, you can get a refund of your investment. Similarly, you have the option to sell or rent out your property to get the best benefits. There is another option to get citizenship, you can donate $100,000 to government-fund. The donation amount is non-refundable.

Inclusion of the whole family as dependents

What makes Dominica Citizenship by Investment “The Best” option is how it caters to your whole family. Your spouse and children are your definite dependents in any CBI Program. But the age limit for children in the case of Dominica is up to 30. Moreover, the parents and grandparents of the applicant and of the spouse can also be dependent. After the amendments a year ago, even siblings of the applicant and of the spouse can also be considered to be dependents. No other citizenship program has this much flexibility for dependents.

Visa-free access to 150+ countries with Citizenship by Investment

The real value of a passport lies in the list of visa-free countries it offers. Now being a Pakistani, you can feel the restrictions of having a passport that only has 30 visa-free countries on its list. If you are a businessman and you have to travel frequently for work purposes, a Dominican passport will make your life easier. You don’t need to wait for visa approvals and there’s no fear of visa rejection at the last moment. You can travel to 150+ countries with a Dominican Passport and nothing can be better than someone who loves to travel without any hassle.

Dominica is a Tax Efficient Land

Apparently, Dominica is one of the rare island countries with zero taxation rates. There is no income, inheritance, or wealth tax in Dominica. The economic stability of a country is visible by the tax benefits it gives to the citizens.

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