5 Facts about Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Do you want to invest in a country that allows you flexibility, business growth, family security, and much more? If you are looking for options to relocate, Grenada Citizenship by Investment is a great option. Savvy investors in today’s world know the worth of a strong second passport. It’s just not a document to make travel easy for you but also a key to unlocking the best business opportunities. A wise investor never bound their assets to one place. The world is so big and you need to explore every opportunity to grow coming your way.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment is a swift way to make the whole world accessible to you. The processing time is fast and the procedure is not that tough if you are an investor with a great net worth. If you have a clean criminal history with excellent health conditions, you are eligible to apply for a second passport. Grenada’s second passport program stands out for all the right reasons. Most Caribbean passports offer similar benefits but Grenada has some additional perks that can make your decision-making process easier.

Grenada Second Passport

1. Fastest Processing of 90 Days Only

Grenada’s Second Passport is one of the most sought-after citizenship programs. Getting second citizenship seems like a time taking process but it’s not actually. You are just 90 days away from your strong second citizenship by investment. Grenada offers the quickest passport to investors and to their families. There are no unnecessary delays in the process to make you feel stressed. You just need to find an authentic immigration consultant. Once you get a consultant on board, it’s their responsibility to handle the case on your behalf. From case preparation to final approval, your consultant will take care of everything.

2. Inclusion of Whole Family

Relocation to a new place is hectic especially when your family is involved. It is not easy to leave the family behind and move ahead alone. With Grenada citizenship by investment program, you do not need to worry about your family. You can add your children under 30, your spouse, and your parents of any age to your application with minimal additional cost. Other Caribbean second citizenship programs are not this flexible in terms of family inclusion. Grenada’s citizenship program is one of the most robust opportunities when it comes to considering having a second passport. Compromising your family makes you lose interest in the program. So, if your priority is to relocate to a stable economy with your family, Grenada is the stop for you.

Residency by Investment

3. Global Mobility with Grenada Citizenship by Investment

The whole idea of becoming a global citizen and getting second citizenship revolves around the freedom you will get. The worth of your passport defines your access to the world. Having a Grenadian passport, you will get access to 115+ visa-free countries. Among all the countries offering dual nationality through investment, Grenada is the only country that allows its citizens to travel to the Republic of China visa-free. The freedom to move will allow the citizens of Grenada to expand their businesses and trade ties in the world’s storest economies. Other than visa-free countries, other countries offer visas on arrival on the passport of Grenada. Having citizenship in Grenada makes travel super convenient for you. Grenada is a member of commonwealth states, and the citizens of Grenada can get easy access to British universities.

4. E-2 Treaty with the USA

There are many features of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program that make it different and the greatest of all. Grenada is the only Caribbean country with a signed E-2 treaty with the USA. The treaty allows the citizens of Grenada to work and live in the USA. Getting direct access to the USA through E-2 or EB5 Visa is time taking and has a high chance that you wouldn’t get approval. With a Grenadian passport, the world will be open to you. Also, the visa is issued to Grenada’s citizens for 5 years and the mutual agreement allows them to plan a life in the USA.

Grenada CBI

5. No Residency Requirement to Become a Citizen

This might sound unreal but you don’t even need to visit the country to complete the process. You can start your application by sitting in your country and your passport will be delivered to your doorstep. There is no need to visit, stay or travel around the country. Citizenship by Investment Program doesn’t restrict you to learn the language or culture of the country. This is a one-time investment you will make in luxury real estate that is going to benefit you for a lifetime.

What makes Grenada Citizenship by Investment a Cost-effective Program?

Grenada citizenship by investment offers two routes to investors to become a citizen along with their families. You can either invest in real estate with a minimum of $220,000 which is refundable with guaranteed ROIs. The other option is to make a donation of $150,000 to the National Fund. The donation amount is non-refundable and will be used to improve the lifestyle of the citizens of Grenada. The program caters to your whole family and the additional fees are reasonable. The tourism and travel industry of Grenada is flourishing day by day. The country’s economy is getting better day by day. Being a citizen of Grenada, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the best tax benefits.

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