15 Questions to ask your Immigration Consultant regarding Second Passport

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The term Second Passport refers to availing of another citizenship without abolishing your native citizenship. The process of getting Dual Citizenship includes a lot of legal aspects. To make it frequent and easier, you’ll be needing an immigration consultant. Basically, an immigration consultant will not only help you save time but also saves your money at multiple points.

There are multiple countries offering citizenship through real estate investment. The process for all these countries can be similar but still, the requirements and due diligence aspects can differ. Just like every country’s citizenship program is different, there will be a specific immigration consultant for each citizenship program. Choosing a consultant for your immigration is the base you will set to ensure your case’s success. An immigration consultant can literally make the process easiest for you and someone with less experience & knowledge can ruin your case and reputation.

Most immigration firms offer a free initial consultation. Basically, this is an opportunity for you to question every possible aspect of the consultant before you finalize that you are pursuing your case with them. Here we are compiling a list of questions you can ask your immigration consultant to see if you both share the same vision.

How you can assure me which country is the best suitable option for me?

Before the meeting, you just need to do your own research. Basically, you should be aware of all the possible options. Asking this question your consultant will clear your vision about the best option among all. Similarly, There will be citizenship programs with the almost same budget and processing time, now your immigration consultant will tell you why one option is best for you in comparison to another.

How many family members can be added as dependents to my application?

Most people look for an immigration option that can cater to their whole family. Now, this is the core responsibility of your immigration consultant to guide you to a country that has the best to offer to your family structure. There are different fees for every additional dependent and it varies from country to country. You can never rely on the sole information on the internet, a specialized person can guide you better on how your budget will be manageable according to your budget.

Is your company an authorized agent or a promoter?

This is one of the most important questions while you are making your decision to go for immigration. There is a clear difference in the position and potential of an authorized agent and a promoter. An authorized agent is directly associated with the government of the country you are interested in. Whereas, a promoter is associated with an authorized agent and has no access to the government of the country. Similarly, this is very important to choose an immigration firm that is an authorized agent and mentioned as one on the country’s official website.

authorised agent

What are the requirements to ensure the success of my case?

An immigration advisor must know all the basic requirements important to initiate the case. The age, qualification, net worth, health conditions, family structure, and everything that needs to address. Similarly, it is among the significant responsibilities of a consultant to guide you about everything you need to know.

How Second Passport will enable my Global Mobility?

Basically, having the freedom to travel visa-free is one of the prime aspects of getting citizenship. People who travel for work or leisure frequently can understand the value of a strong second passport. In addition, an immigration advisor is someone who can tell you about all the visa-free countries.

Global Mobility

Would my children get easy access to the world’s best yet free education?

If you are planning to get immigration along with your family, especially your children, their education will be your prior concern. Similarly, you should ask your immigration advisor if the country you are planning to move to has quality educational institutes. Or having that certain passport will give your children access to free or low-cost yet quality education in any country they want.

Can I and my spouse live & work in countries on the country’s visa-free travel list?

This is also a very important thing to ask and discuss. The real estate investment option will definitely give you great returns but in case, your spouse wants to work in any country that is visa-free, is that possible? If this is possible what are the terms and conditions. If you or your spouse are interested to work, you better discuss this concern earlier.

What option is suitable for me, Donation or Real Estate Investment?

Most countries offering a second passport have two options. Either you can donate to the national fund of the country or invest in real estate. The real estate investment is refundable whereas, the donation amount is non-refundable. This entirely depends on your budget and what option you are going to choose. Also, your immigration consultant will guide you on the pros and cons of both options so that you can easily make a final move.

Will I get guaranteed returns on my real estate investment?

The purpose of investing in luxury real estate is to get the maximum profit out of your investment. You must need to know how your real estate investment is going to benefit you in the long term. Also, your immigration consultant should convey to you clearly the worth of the real estate you are planning to invest in. All these factors contribute reaching to a final decision.

Real Estate Investment

What is the processing time for the case approval?

Now, this is a very important question when you are opting for a second passport. Your immigration consultant should tell you the real processing time for the case of the country you are interested in. Also, the consultant needs to tell you the processing time for other options as well so if you want to switch to any other country you can.

Which aspects can lead my case to rejection? immigration consultant

No matter how good you are in all aspects and how your case seems to be all set for approval. There are still some hidden factors that can become a reason for rejection at any point. An immigration advisor is supposed to clarify all the apparent & hidden aspects so you know what is best for you. Any kind of miscommunication can cause the rejection of your case.

What is the taxation situation of the country I am planning to invest?

Being a citizen of Pakistan, you do understand how taxes suck the life out of you. No matter what your net worth is, the taxes you pay will hurt you because it is a huge part of your finances just because the country’s economy is not that stable. Similarly, there are countries around the world with such strong economies that there is zero taxation on the wealth and income of their citizens. Ask your consultant for a passport to a country with zero or minimum taxation.

Is there any residency requirement for the program I am opting for?

This is also a very important question especially when you are a businessman. If you have a running business, it is near impossible for you to fulfill the residency requirement for any citizenship program. Although, there are many countries with no residency requirement. Your immigration advisor is the right person to guide you in keeping your business routine in mind.

Does my citizenship require any renewal?

Basically, being a citizen of any country means you have the right to vote, and being a citizen, no one can take that status from you. Your immigration advisor will guide you whether you are opting for direct citizenship like a Caribbean passport or a residency program leading to citizenship in Europe or any other country. Residencies do need renewals and your consultant needs to address this aspect clearly.

Would this citizenship status last a lifetime?

If you made up your mind to get a 2nd passport, you should be aware of everything. Ask your immigration consultant if the citizenship you are getting will last forever or if is there any social, economic, or political unrest that can make you compromise your citizenship status.

citizenship for life

Will this citizenship pass on to the next generations? immigration consultant

There can be many other questions you can add to the list but we are ending this article with the last question that you can inquire about from your immigration advisor. As we have mentioned above, there is a different additional fee for each dependent and it varies from country to country. Just like that, you need to ask if your citizenship status will pass on to your upcoming generations as well. Like would your children and grandchildren can automatically avail of citizenship status or is there any process or documentation for that as well.


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